Monday, December 28, 2009

Cinderella Update

What a busy day!! I got up this morning and the cleaning but hit me. I have no idea where it came from but it hit hard. I dressed warm and cleaned out my side of the garage. My side is where we keep all the recycling. My town doesn't have a pick up for recycling, I actually have to box it all up and take it to the recycle center. I had to make two trips with the back of my SUV FULL!! It was just crazy. I then proceeded to sweep out myside and my garage is actually clean!!! Then, I came in the house and took down both my Christmas trees, moved a bookcase from the living room to the bedroom and cleaned my living room while doing a load of laundry. Talk about being tired after all this...whew!!

I worked on my Nora Corbett Cinderella piece. My goal was to finish her sleeves and the beading it entailed. I was a little concerened that the laces wouldn't show up but they look great in the pictures.

I also cut the fabric for my Sandra LittleJohns Summer Ball Design. I now have to convert the key from anchor to DMC. This design is 34" x 14" when completed. There are several people stitching this design with I won't be suffering by myself. This design is only 6 I feel pretty good about it!!!
I also pulled out my January SAL which the theme is Snowman. I decided to pull out my Mill Hill kit called Snow Day it is from the Button -n-Beads series.
I have another busy day tomorrow. I have to go visit my mom, she is leaving for India on Wednesday. She will be gone for 2 1/2 weeks. She is so excited!!!


stitchinfiend said...

I feel tired just reading what you have done. Your Cinderella is looking gorgeous.

Shari said...

cinderella is looking great! So pretty!
I love the feeling cleaning like that leaves you with! I need one of those kind of days!!!!

Sew Wilde said...

Cinderella is looking really nice! Looking forward to seeing Summer Ball stitched. Could you please send the cleaning bug my way? My house really needs it.


J Rae said...

Cinderella is looking great!

Can't wait to see your progress along the way on Summer Ball. What a gorgeous, detailed piece!

Meari said...

Good for you in getting all that done. I need to work up some stamina to do things around the house.

Your stitching looks great! Cinderella will be beautiful when finished.

Tracey said...

It's looking wonderful! I get in cleaning moods too- in fact I have a lot of boxes I need to take to our recycle bin- our townhouses share one so I have to drive down the street.
I know you are so excited about Summer Ball. I hope to order/do that one someday!

Charlene in SC said...

Cinderella is so lovely! You don't choose any wimpy designs, do you girl? That Summer Ball looks like it will be fab - can't wait to watch your progress!