Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome To Tyler- Whirlwind

I just finished reading Whirlwind by Nancy Martin. This is the first book in the Welcome to Tyler series. I have had these on my bookshelf for awhile so I decided to pull out the first one to read. I have to say, I liked the book. I didn't like how it left things open at the end but this is a series so I am hoping all things will be tied together at somepoint. Liza is returning home to Tyler when her life fell apart in Chicago. She heads to her grandpa's lodge where she promptly has an accident. She winds up sharing the lodge with a crazy guy who prefers to be left alone. He doesn't like people, goes into a panic attack. She drives him INSANE!! She doesn't like her mom, adores her grandfather and doesn't want to talk to her sister. It is a major family drama. There is a little mystery to the book, romance... a small sex scene that is not very detailed at all(it is a harlequin, after all). I can't wait to start the next book.
On the stitching note...I finished stitching my snowman and then I realized I used Ecru instead of white...so a frogging I went...now I am using white!!! UGH!!!


Carol's Stitching said...

Sorry to hear the frog had to pay one more visit in 2009. I finished up the reading challenge. Think we should have another one in 2010? Maybe see how many books we read during the year and keep it updated in our blogs? Just a thought. Have a great 2010 and hopefully that snowman will come together quickly for you!

Jo said...

Oh i loved the Tyler series when i read it. Think i gave my books to our local library though when we had DS1 as we needed the space.