Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Reads

I have to say..my March reads were pretty slim. For some strange reason I didn't read as much as I usually do. I only read six books. I did enjoy al my books though...
Yound Adult:
Marked by PC Cast and Kristen Cast. The first book in the House of Night series. A vampire series that takes place in Tulsa, OK. I think this is the reason I was drawn to the book. The authors live in Tahlequah, OK, which is where I went to college at Northeastern State University. Zoey Redbird is just a typical teenager until one day she is marked as a future vampire. Once marked, she has to attend the House of Night school where she will learn the skills, history and lifestyles of a vampire. The House of Night school is no different than any other school in regards to the Popular Kids, the Outcast kids . Zoey is not a typical fledgling (vampire in training) she has developed a lust for Blood which usually doesn't happen until 5th or 6th year. She just wants to stay in the background. Great Read!! I plan on reading the next book when I can get it back from my students!!!!

Fude Cupcake Murder -Joanne Fluke Can you say YUMMY!!!! Just the title makes my mouth drool. I was telling my DH about the recipe and he replied "Get in the Kitchen and mix them up!!" Ok.the story - Hannah Swenson is running her cookie shop and getting ready to take her niece out trick or treating when she finds out her BIL is the prime suspect in a murder!!!! He is accused of murdering the town sheriff, the same position he is trying to get elected. Hannah has her usual guy troubles between Mike and Norman. Personally, I am going for Norman. He sounds like a keeper. Plus, he is building her dream house!!! The ending was a little shocking...never expected what happened to her to actually happen. I didn't see it coming!!!!

Murder of a Snake in the Grass by Denise Swanson. Skye is back and all sorts of trouble is following her. One of them is that ex-fiance of hers who left her high and dry when she needed him the most. He is groveling back at her feet. Wally stil doesn't trust her and all her crazy family is involved!! Great read!!

Monkey Wrench by Nancy Martain Christmas in Tyler. Susannah has made a name for herself in Television. She is planning on going to the bahama's for Christmas to work on her next years shows. However, a monkey wrench is thrown at her when she gets a call from Joe telling her that her grandmother has been ill and needs her help. Susuannah was rasied by her granny and loves her dearly. I am loving this series!!

Summer on Blossom Street - Debbie Macomber . This is book 5 of the Blossom Street knitting series. These books are a fun read. They follow the lives of 6 or 7 different characters and it is fun to see how they change from book to book. Lydia is the knitting store owner. She is married to a wonderful man and they have a son. Lydia is a two time cancer survivor. She can't have children, so they decide to adopt. However, the social worker asks if they can take care of 12 year old Casey just for the summer. They agree and it is a summer they never forget. I do suggest you read these...I think you will enjoy them.

Love with the Proper Husband by Victoria Alexander. Mrs. Alexander is one of my favorite Regency/Historical novelists. I just love her series. In this one, Gwendolyn Townsend was told upon her fathers death that she was left with nothing. Instead of going to live as a poor relation with relatives, she packed up and went to America to be a Governess. Little did she know that she was given the wrong information and was left with a modest inheritance. Her lawyer did tell her that she was to marry an Marcas Holcroft, Earl of Pennington. This was an arranged marriage and she is not happy about this!!!! Of course there are lots ups and downs....he finds she hiding something...she runs off to America ...lots of drama and great steamy scenes!!!


Susan said...

Gasp! Only six books!! Must mean you didn't have any snow days during March.

Thanks for the blurb about the Denise Swanson book. I love that series, probably because I too work in a school. And I didn't realize that there were more than two books in the Blossom Street series. I'll have to put these on my list for the summer.

So how are you doing on your 150 book challenge for the year?

Vicky L said...

I read Marked too. I have the whole series. The new one, 7th book, is coming out later this month. I read Chosen (3rd one in series) first, not realizing it was part of a series. I was just excited it was a vampire story, lol.

J Rae said...

I love the Joanna Fluke & Debbie Macomber series!!! I just started the Debbie M. one. I'm with you about Hannah picking Norman!!!

I'm going to have to check out the other books you mentioned. They all look good.