Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Cinderella Update

As you can see she is coming right along. The things stitchers will do to stitch something. Right now, I am stitching with 3/4's Q-snap clamps and one hair clip. I tried using the HUGE q-snaps and my wrists started I moved the snaps over and started stitching her dress on the right side. So the hair clip is holding all the top beading in place and I am using the clamps on the sides and bottom. My goal is to finish her by the end of this month.
I have Annual Reviews tomorrow. Which means, I have to meet with each students on my caseload and their parents to discuss next years plans. I hope it go smoothly. I do have some parents that need to be handled with kid gloves but we have a good relationship that it goes smoothly.
I have been pretty silent in the cyberworld. I don't know why. I just don't feel like answering emails or posting to my groups. Which is really strange for me because I am usually rather chatty. I havebeen busy stitching and taking care of Gibbs. I had forgotten how energenic puppies are!! He keeps me on my toes. I will post my reading challenge books tomorrow night. I just have to make sure I have them all down.


socialsue said...

Lovely design!


Tracey said...

Looking wonderful!! I know what you mean about being "quiet" online- sometimes I get that way too. :0)

Debra said...

wow, I think you will be done by the end of the month.