Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shopping in Tulsa

This was us yesterday while we were in Tulsa!! Some of my cross stitch friends and I decided to have a day of stitchy shopping in Tulsa. The shoppers included: Sara - LNS owner, Mary - Ozark Sampler Designs, Debbie -Debbie Draper Designs, Janeth, Angela, Becki, Debbie and I. We had a ball!! Becki, Debbie and I met up in Tulsa around 10:00. Our first stop was Stitchworks. This is a FABULOUS STORE!!!! We pulled up and saw a big yellow sign that said "Super Sale"...well that is great news for a stitcher. This store is like a treasure hunt. I actually found 4 Judith Kirby charts and the best part...they were only $4.25 each!!!! I also picked up 6 new Mill Hill pin kits, a new snowman golf pattern with a clay golf club button. I found a wedding chart for my friends upcoming wedding.
After Stitchworks, we headed to the Silver Needle to see what we could find there. When you first walk in the Silver Needle you are so overwhelmed because of all the models, the stash it is everywhere!! We spent about an hour here. I will tell you I was disappointed. I was looking at the models and found 2 that I just LOVED!! I asked the girls where I might find it and they said it was a Mill Hill book, not a kit, but a book. I searched all the Mill Hill books and found they didn't even carry the book that went with the model I loved!! I was so sad....
We then headed to a needlepoint store called Stitches. This is a fiber lovers HEAVEN! They had fibers everywhere. There were painted canvas, regular canvas everything a Needlepoint stitcher would love.
Around 1:00 we met up with the others at Casa Bonitas for lunch. Casa Bonitas is a Mexian Resturant where you go through the line, order your lunch, pick a tray and your lunch slides out this little window. After you get your drink, you find the little hostess and she takes you to a table. Each room in Casa Bonitas is a different theme. You have a room with a waterfall, a cave, victorian room, and we were sitting in a outside patio type room. It has a working Carousel, arcade, and all you can eat mexican food. You have to raise this little flag and htey will bring you what you want!
The group was headed to the Silver Needle, but since Debbie S. and I had already been there we headed over to JoAnn's fabrics. I picked up a couple of yards of fabric and a spool thread organzier.
We met up with the group at the Silver Needle, were I once again looked for those charts but still couldn't find them. Off to Stitchworks, where I did more shopping because they HAD the Mill Hill books I wanted!!!!! I was so excited!!! I told you this was a treasuse hunt...if you are looking for a older stitchworks. You never know what you are going to find!
We headed over to the Hotel where everyone was staying and found out they were staying at different hotels..not sure how it happened. We all met at one of the lobbies and sat and stitched for a while. Debbie Draper designed a band sampler and gave us a small kit with beautiful fabric and fibers. We had fun sitting and stitching.
Debbie S and I headed home around 6:00...we didn't want to spend the night. Since it is only a 2 hour drive we didn't mind it.
The day was fun, exciting and tiring!! Can't wait to do it again!!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Oh what fun! I still so want to go to The Silver Needle. I WILL get there one day.

Annylizibits said...

Dear Vickie,
Tulsa, Okla. and I live in Astoria,Or.We have a JoAnn's here and it is my main shopping store(It's a small town) You had Designers with you. How fun! I'm glad you had a good time.I've got stitching friends but they are knitters. I usually bring over my cross stitch or crocheting and we talk, giggle, and crack up a lot.
Now you've got a lot of goodies!
Anne E. M.

craftypatty2 said...

OMG I am so envious that sounded like a wonderful day. We just don't have that many stitching places here in my hometown but when I get to go to Edmonton there are a lot more there and a friend to take me to them :)

Debra said...

What a great time. Glad you found the pattern.

Vicky L said...

So much fun you had! I love Stitchworks too when I was there. The Mexican restaurant sound so much fun and very different. Glad you found the pattern you wanted.