Monday, April 26, 2010

ConKerr Cancer - A Case for Smiles

I made a HUGE decision in my life last week and I am so glad I did. Let me explain...Earlier this year I was looking for a charity for the Disney Give a Day get a Day program and I found this link for the Conkerr Cancer group. I noticed Arkansas did not have a coordinator for the group so I went over to the project Linus charity. I kept checking back to see if there was a coordinator for Arkansas and well...there never was so I thought about it for a while and I took the plunge!!
I emailed Cindy, the founder, and she has let me be the Arkansas Coordinator. I called the Children's Hospital in Little Rock and they would love our Pillow Cases!! The hospital has 320 beds but some are for the babies and the nic-u so they need about 280 pillow cases for everyone with about 100 cases per month.
This is not just for cancer patients it is also for kids with other life threatening diseases.
I know this is a Giant undertaking but I think this is a great way to give back to others especially since my family has been blessed as to having all healthy children in it.
I am very excited about this and I can't wait to get started!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 foot scarecrow

Here we go...I have outlined his legs and the stick that holds him up. I told Mary that several stitchers has asked about this so she is going to sell this design once I get it stitched up!!! Since this is a design we are doing in our class, I am picking all my own colors. So the design will be published with my colors but they are VERY easy to change if you don't like what I have chosen. One thing I LOVE about Mary's designs....they are like a coloring book page. Outline the design and just fill in the colors. So it is easy to stitch when you are watching TV.

I got another FABULOUS gift today....but that will be saved for another post...because it really fantastic!!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shopping in Tulsa

This was us yesterday while we were in Tulsa!! Some of my cross stitch friends and I decided to have a day of stitchy shopping in Tulsa. The shoppers included: Sara - LNS owner, Mary - Ozark Sampler Designs, Debbie -Debbie Draper Designs, Janeth, Angela, Becki, Debbie and I. We had a ball!! Becki, Debbie and I met up in Tulsa around 10:00. Our first stop was Stitchworks. This is a FABULOUS STORE!!!! We pulled up and saw a big yellow sign that said "Super Sale"...well that is great news for a stitcher. This store is like a treasure hunt. I actually found 4 Judith Kirby charts and the best part...they were only $4.25 each!!!! I also picked up 6 new Mill Hill pin kits, a new snowman golf pattern with a clay golf club button. I found a wedding chart for my friends upcoming wedding.
After Stitchworks, we headed to the Silver Needle to see what we could find there. When you first walk in the Silver Needle you are so overwhelmed because of all the models, the stash it is everywhere!! We spent about an hour here. I will tell you I was disappointed. I was looking at the models and found 2 that I just LOVED!! I asked the girls where I might find it and they said it was a Mill Hill book, not a kit, but a book. I searched all the Mill Hill books and found they didn't even carry the book that went with the model I loved!! I was so sad....
We then headed to a needlepoint store called Stitches. This is a fiber lovers HEAVEN! They had fibers everywhere. There were painted canvas, regular canvas everything a Needlepoint stitcher would love.
Around 1:00 we met up with the others at Casa Bonitas for lunch. Casa Bonitas is a Mexian Resturant where you go through the line, order your lunch, pick a tray and your lunch slides out this little window. After you get your drink, you find the little hostess and she takes you to a table. Each room in Casa Bonitas is a different theme. You have a room with a waterfall, a cave, victorian room, and we were sitting in a outside patio type room. It has a working Carousel, arcade, and all you can eat mexican food. You have to raise this little flag and htey will bring you what you want!
The group was headed to the Silver Needle, but since Debbie S. and I had already been there we headed over to JoAnn's fabrics. I picked up a couple of yards of fabric and a spool thread organzier.
We met up with the group at the Silver Needle, were I once again looked for those charts but still couldn't find them. Off to Stitchworks, where I did more shopping because they HAD the Mill Hill books I wanted!!!!! I was so excited!!! I told you this was a treasuse hunt...if you are looking for a older stitchworks. You never know what you are going to find!
We headed over to the Hotel where everyone was staying and found out they were staying at different hotels..not sure how it happened. We all met at one of the lobbies and sat and stitched for a while. Debbie Draper designed a band sampler and gave us a small kit with beautiful fabric and fibers. We had fun sitting and stitching.
Debbie S and I headed home around 6:00...we didn't want to spend the night. Since it is only a 2 hour drive we didn't mind it.
The day was fun, exciting and tiring!! Can't wait to do it again!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cinderella is Finished!!!

I have been dancing a big jig in my living room tonight!! Around 8:30 pm I put the finishing stitches in Cinderella!!!! I started her in August 2008 and I finally put the last bead in tonight. I think however I am going to add a small detail that the pattern didn't call for orginially. I am thinking of ordering some Just Nann mouse beads to have them following her as she runs....since the mice do play an important part of the story!!

The next big pattern that I plan to stitch on is my Historical Fashions back in history here I go!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fabulous Jaw Breaking Gift

Yes...You are looking at a HUGE bag and pile of DMC floss!!! My friend Becki and I were talking on the phone on Saturday. She told me she had a prize for me and to have room in the back of my truck. I told her I was excited and couldn't wait to see what she was giving me. When I walked into our LNS, she handed me this HUGE bag of DMC floss she was no longer going to need. Talk about being in shock!!! I did tell her that it would be put to very good use!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

GIANT New project!!!

Yep..I am making a GIANT new project. I went to my monthly stitching class at my LNS. Ozark Sampler (aka..Mary) teaches the class each month. She had a brilliant idea of doing a three month project for the fall. We started it today and it turned out to be a 3 foot Scarecrow that will be able to stand up on his own!!! Today we got the legs portion of the scarecrow. We picked our fabric, and I am using a 9 count fabric. Mary gave us the option of what threads to use. I chose an African Violot Caron watercolor for his jeans, brown multi-tone Overture from Rainbow Gallery for the stick and a special mardi-gra silk thread from Vicki Clayton silks for the patch. All I got stitched today was the outline to the stick and right pantleg. One good thing that I LOVE about Ozark Sampler patterns. They are like a coloring the outline and then...all you have to do is stitch in between the lines!!!
I stopped off at a quilt show today. I picked up some quilting magazines for a $0.05 each. The quilts were just breathtaking. That is all I can say. I haven't looked at teh magaiznes but I am hoping to get brave again to try another quilt.
I got a FABULOUS, JAW DROPPING prize from my friend Becki that made a couple of my stitching friends envious. is such a FABULOUS JAW DROPPING gets its own post tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Reads

I have to March reads were pretty slim. For some strange reason I didn't read as much as I usually do. I only read six books. I did enjoy al my books though...
Yound Adult:
Marked by PC Cast and Kristen Cast. The first book in the House of Night series. A vampire series that takes place in Tulsa, OK. I think this is the reason I was drawn to the book. The authors live in Tahlequah, OK, which is where I went to college at Northeastern State University. Zoey Redbird is just a typical teenager until one day she is marked as a future vampire. Once marked, she has to attend the House of Night school where she will learn the skills, history and lifestyles of a vampire. The House of Night school is no different than any other school in regards to the Popular Kids, the Outcast kids . Zoey is not a typical fledgling (vampire in training) she has developed a lust for Blood which usually doesn't happen until 5th or 6th year. She just wants to stay in the background. Great Read!! I plan on reading the next book when I can get it back from my students!!!!

Fude Cupcake Murder -Joanne Fluke Can you say YUMMY!!!! Just the title makes my mouth drool. I was telling my DH about the recipe and he replied "Get in the Kitchen and mix them up!!" Ok.the story - Hannah Swenson is running her cookie shop and getting ready to take her niece out trick or treating when she finds out her BIL is the prime suspect in a murder!!!! He is accused of murdering the town sheriff, the same position he is trying to get elected. Hannah has her usual guy troubles between Mike and Norman. Personally, I am going for Norman. He sounds like a keeper. Plus, he is building her dream house!!! The ending was a little shocking...never expected what happened to her to actually happen. I didn't see it coming!!!!

Murder of a Snake in the Grass by Denise Swanson. Skye is back and all sorts of trouble is following her. One of them is that ex-fiance of hers who left her high and dry when she needed him the most. He is groveling back at her feet. Wally stil doesn't trust her and all her crazy family is involved!! Great read!!

Monkey Wrench by Nancy Martain Christmas in Tyler. Susannah has made a name for herself in Television. She is planning on going to the bahama's for Christmas to work on her next years shows. However, a monkey wrench is thrown at her when she gets a call from Joe telling her that her grandmother has been ill and needs her help. Susuannah was rasied by her granny and loves her dearly. I am loving this series!!

Summer on Blossom Street - Debbie Macomber . This is book 5 of the Blossom Street knitting series. These books are a fun read. They follow the lives of 6 or 7 different characters and it is fun to see how they change from book to book. Lydia is the knitting store owner. She is married to a wonderful man and they have a son. Lydia is a two time cancer survivor. She can't have children, so they decide to adopt. However, the social worker asks if they can take care of 12 year old Casey just for the summer. They agree and it is a summer they never forget. I do suggest you read these...I think you will enjoy them.

Love with the Proper Husband by Victoria Alexander. Mrs. Alexander is one of my favorite Regency/Historical novelists. I just love her series. In this one, Gwendolyn Townsend was told upon her fathers death that she was left with nothing. Instead of going to live as a poor relation with relatives, she packed up and went to America to be a Governess. Little did she know that she was given the wrong information and was left with a modest inheritance. Her lawyer did tell her that she was to marry an Marcas Holcroft, Earl of Pennington. This was an arranged marriage and she is not happy about this!!!! Of course there are lots ups and downs....he finds she hiding something...she runs off to America ...lots of drama and great steamy scenes!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Cinderella Update

As you can see she is coming right along. The things stitchers will do to stitch something. Right now, I am stitching with 3/4's Q-snap clamps and one hair clip. I tried using the HUGE q-snaps and my wrists started I moved the snaps over and started stitching her dress on the right side. So the hair clip is holding all the top beading in place and I am using the clamps on the sides and bottom. My goal is to finish her by the end of this month.
I have Annual Reviews tomorrow. Which means, I have to meet with each students on my caseload and their parents to discuss next years plans. I hope it go smoothly. I do have some parents that need to be handled with kid gloves but we have a good relationship that it goes smoothly.
I have been pretty silent in the cyberworld. I don't know why. I just don't feel like answering emails or posting to my groups. Which is really strange for me because I am usually rather chatty. I havebeen busy stitching and taking care of Gibbs. I had forgotten how energenic puppies are!! He keeps me on my toes. I will post my reading challenge books tomorrow night. I just have to make sure I have them all down.