Monday, May 16, 2011

Anniversary, Stitching and animals

Mark and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday. We went to dinner at a very fancy restaurant. On the way to dinner, Mark gave me a card. It said:

I have ordered an anniversary

present you are sure to love

after it is has been

delivered to the house in

2 to 4 weeks

He said this was all I needed to figure out my gift. I sat there in the car for the entire trip down to Fayetteville (45 minutes in Rainy Friday traffic) trying to figure it out. I first thought Disney and he ruled that out quickly. He said it was something I didn't have but mentioned would love to have and it wasn't Disney related. I was stumped. Finally, I pulled out a magazine and started reading...I saw an ad for something I wanted and took a guess. Still wrong only by number..I guessed an IPAD...nope.. he ordered me an IPAD 2!!! What a fabulous husband. If you look at the first letter in the first column going spells out IPAD2. I got him a new wedding band and some wooden golf tees (5th year is wood). At dinner, my shoe broke. It happened to be my favorite pair of 3 inch strappy gold heels. The strap over the toes broke off so I had to hobble to the car with my shoe was kinda funny.

As I picked up Ballerina to work on it this past week....Bert decided it was a good place to lay down and wasn't happy when I made him get up. In the middle picture, you will see the progress I have made on Ballerina. This week is Yoga....Bert loves to nap in strange places and in strange positions. This is him napping on Marks lap.

I haven't forgotten Gibbs and his antics. This week, he decided he wanted to sleep by Mark and he jumped on the bed. He flopped down right beside Mark, unfortuantely Bert was sleeping where he flopped. Mark heard a squeak and had to dig poor Bert out from under Gibbs. Bert was a little dazed and Gibbs had no clue what he had done. Bert proceeded to bite him on the nose to let him know he did not like getting squished. Both puppy and kitten are doing fine. They are actually becoming good friends.


Berly said...

What an AWESOME anniversary! Except for the shoe of course. Glad you guys had a nice one.

craftypatty2 said...


Vicky L said...

Happy anniversary! Mark did a great job in putting the clue in the card. Enjoy the iPAD2 when it comes in. Congrats on the new kitty. He is adorable. Glad to hear Bert is making friends.

mdgtjulie said...

And is Gibbs named after the character on NCIS? Your Bert is adorable. The ballerina is looking good too. Can't wait to see more progress!!

mdgtjulie said...

And, duh, I forgot to say happy anniversary!!! Glad you had a good dinner, and what a great gift!!

Wanda said...

Vickie, I can't believe I was the first one to guess where you got the name Bert from! I am so excited! I never win anything - must go buy a lottery ticket right away. :) I will email you my address privately. Thank you so much!

Wanda said...

Vickie, I almost forgot to tell you my story about a broken shoe. I jokingly call my husband "The Duct Tape King". One summer weekend we rented a cottage on a lake in eastern Ontario. There was a fabulous art show in the nearby town and famous artists from all over North America were exhibiting there. We spent the entire day at the show and kept seeing the same people as we went from exhibit to exhibit. Part way through the day, I noticed that this girl had broken her sandal and she had to lift her foot very awkwardly with each step. I remarked to John that I didn't know how I would handle it if that happened to me. He said, "You wouldn't have to worry. I would duct tape your shoe to your foot." I guess I should have my husband give Mark some tips, shouldn't I? :)