Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yoga update and the critters

I finally have an update on Yoga. I have now finished 4 pages and 8 pages to go. My sister emailed me and wanted to know if I would have it finished by the time she went back to Hong Kong this summer. She goes back around the 2nd week of July. I am probably going to have to say NO...because I am not sure I can finish 8 pages in that around 8 weeks. Maybe if I wasn't going on a 10 day vacation in the middle of June....and if I only worked on Yoga every spare second of my day. It might be possible.
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I had to show off my two youngest little furbabies. Mark tells me that Bert has an 80 lb growth always attached to him. As you can see he and Gibbs just love to play. You will usually see Bert trying to walk down the hallway, however, Gibbs has his mouth around his head/neck trying to play with him. The other morning gibbs was bopping him on the head and then Bert would Swipe at him with his little claw. They did this for 5 minutes or would think Gibbs would learn.

Mark has started playing Angry Birds on his computer and Bert just loves to play with him. When Mark is flinging birds, Bert is sitting there watching him. Every once and a while he will swipe at the screen!


mdgtjulie said...

The furbabies are wonderful. Good luck with Yoga. I know I wouldn't have a chance in, well, you know where!!! Good luck!

Wanda said...

That Yoga piece is going to be gorgeous! I already have the sense of serenity from it.

Berly said...

Yoga's coming along very nicely!

Meari said...

Yoga looks good. I'm with you... done in 8 weeks? Nahh, lol.

Sarah said...

Love your furbabies and the yoga piece is just lovely.