Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yoga, Retreat charts, Bert and Insane new projects

It is Stitch Kitty Bert!!! He decided to hide in my stitching bag today. He so does love stitching!

I finished page 8 of Yoga. I am SICK of this pattern....I have been working on this pattern since the week after my anniversary in May. I am going to HAVE to stitch on something else!!! It does look good....but I can't handle stitching with DMC 422, 834 and 738...this is all page 9 basically is with very few other colors thrown in the mix. I am going to work on Scarecrow I think...

Our annual Cross stitch retreat was held in June and this year I was unable to go. However, since I had paid my deposit I was able to receive the freebies patterns donated by designers. I received a HUGE envelope but these happen to be my favorites!!! I love these!!!! As you can see there is a small theme going on here.....Thank you to Karin for sending them to me!!! I so appreciate it.

My FAVORITE ride at Disney World is The Haunted Mansion!!! I LOVE this ride...When you first go in, you go into the stretching room. These portraits are on the wall...however you only see the top half....when the room stretches you get to see the whole picture. Anyway, I have come to be the proud owner of these portraits in Cross Stitch form. They are each about 18 pages in length and I am planning to stitch EVERYONE OF THEM!!!!!! I am INSANE!!!!


Mrs. V. said...

What is it with cats and stiching? I do think it must be a universal thing, lol.
Stitching the same pattern and colors over and over again drives me a little bit batty too. I try to avoid it whenever possible, lol.
I remember that stretching room from our trip several years ago. I bet those pictures will look so good in cross stitch form! You'll have to share pictures. :-)

mdgtjulie said...

If you're insane, I'm right there with you, lol. I have six HAEDs in my rotation, and numerous other large BAPs. Only three of the twenty are smalls, lol. Love the new charts you got. That Shim Shimmel would be on my list to do for sure!! Glad you got the freebies, although it would have been nicer had you been able to go! Bert is so cute in your stitchy bag. Cats just seem to love bags to hide in. And paper. I swear, I could put a three by three piece of paper in the middle of the floor, and YD would sit on it, lol.

Jennifer M. said...

I love the Haunted Mansion ride at Magic Kingdom!...amongst many of the other ride. :) I'm so excited. I'm planning a trip there in October to go to the Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom and to also go to the Annual Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.

Where o Where did you get those charts for the Haunted Mansion portraits? That is so cool that you got those, but EEK! they are huge!

O and are nuts! Maybe its from all of the monotonous stitching on the one project. LOL

Jen in Miami

Lana said...

Wow! Yoga, while being incredibly beautiful, I can also see where using those dull tones so much could wear on a girl! And I LOVE those four that are in Disney's elevator!! SOOOO cool that you got them in x-stitch! But let it be known we are all here for you, so don't hesitate to send out an SOS when you end up in the looney bin! We'll come and the nice men in the white coats make sure you're secure, and comfy in your pretty white padded room!!! LOL....Some stitchers amaze me! You being one of them!!!

Mary said...

Love the Halloween theme going on! How does Bert get along with the dogs?