Monday, October 31, 2011

Crafty week and exchanges

It was a very, very busy week last week. I had parent teacher conferences and I made 5 rag quilts!  I finished not one but 2 cross stitch projects and started getting things ready for my booth.  I decided to rent a booth at a local arts/craft vendors.  The store is opening on Friday.  It was supposed to open tomorrow but it wasn't ready.  I was rushed to finish my quilts.  I am going to make them to order. I will have some on display but they can place an order and I will make a personalized one for them.  There is a photo book of the quilt patterns and they can pick and choose the ones they want.  Here are three of the five I made up:
Bugs Life Quilt

Mickey and Friends
Princess Quilt

I participated in 2 exchanges this month.  First was the Fall exchange. Berly sent me this wonderful package.  It was so good Mark is fighting me for one of the contents.  She sent me: homemade apple butter, homemade apple sauce, a Disney spoon, Disney cross stitch book, some floss and finally a Mill hill kit!  isn't this just AWESOME!!!  Does Berly know me or what???

Next, was the Halloween ornament exchange and Vicky actually wanted to keep this....I have no idea why except for it is the CUTEST witches hat EVER!!!!  She did a wonderful job stitching and finishing it!!!

 This is Sandy's RR piece.  The little bunny is just so cute!! The only thing is that when I look at his little face it reminds me of a little kids face he makes when he has to go poop.  He is just so cute!!!

I can't show you my other finish until it arrives safe and sound at my exchange partners house.  So please be patient.  I am off to work on the darn ballerina!  My goal is too finish it this week!


sharine said...

All good updates but my 5yo is drooling over the princess rag quilt. Good luck with ballerina!

Berly said...

The quilts are beautiful! Good luck with them. Those are awesome exchanges! :)

Meari said...

Nice exchange packages... homemade apple butter and sauce. Yummo!

Congrats on your finishes. You're on a roll.

Vicky L said...

Your quilts are wonderful. I have a cousin who will love the Princess quilt. She is such a princess and the apple of her father's eye, lol.
I am so glad you like the ornament. Berly's exchange looks wonderful. Who doesnt like homemade gifts?

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, Vicky. You're amazing. I wish I could finish stuff like that, lol. Good luck on the ballerina, and grats on the other finishes. They all look great. I especially love your little bunny. He's too cute. And the exchange hat is darling too!!