Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Etsy Store

I did it!  I started an Etsy store.  I have had several people on different message boards tell me they loved the Rag Quilts I made with the embroidered blocks.  So, I am putting my embroidery machine to good use.  I am making 10 inch denim embroidered quilt blocks.  Right now all I have up is a few disney and a few Star Wars designs.  I will be adding more in the future. 
I added a widget on the right side of my blog and you can see some of the blocks. If there is something you would like embroidered...I can do that to. (or I try really hard!!!!)  You can even send me your own pre-cut fabric and I can place it on that!!!  Just click the link and it will take right to my store.
My goal is pay off my student do that I have to sell 7500 blocks at $4.00 each!!!  That is very high goal...but I am a big dreamer!!!!!

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AnaMarie said...

Technically, using copyrighted characters (Star Wars, Disney) and using designs that you have not made or licensed to sell for profit is illegal. Basically, to legally make money doing this, you need to either buy licenses to sell each design or design your own embroidered images.

Good luck with your goal!