Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge

It could run Dec. 2nd to Jan  4th.  I would provide GC from 123stitch to the top three...$15 for first place,  $10 second and $5 for third.   You would have to do the following:

1) email me your name and current weight to the tenths place..mine is  142.2  (I will not publish them....I promise)
2)  Each Sunday you email me your weight  and I will place it in a spreadsheet.  Must be emailed to me by 8:00 pm. CST 
3) Weight loss is calculated by percentages not pounds lost
4) You have to be HONEST!!!!!!  You can't lie...that would be cheating.- 
5) I would not join since I am running it.

If you are joining, would you like me to publish Everyone's percentages or just the top 3?  If you have a suggestion on how to keep it honest...would love that too...

So Far, I have the following people signed up:

Gaynor Ann

IF anyone else would like to join, me!  I promise no weights will be published.  I will be the only one who knows your weight.  

This will keep us on the weight loss path during the holidays!!!!!   If you are on loseit...look me up!!!!!   

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Faith... said...

I just sent you the picture of my weight for today...