Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fabric Advice Needed

Yesterday I posted that I was going to start a Disney table runner .  As you can see below, it is stitched on red aida.  I don't really like the red aida....check below for the picture of my dishes that I will be using

Now, here are my Disney Christmas dishes that I will be using near the table runner. 

What color do you think I should dye the white fabric????


Tammy B said...

If you want it Christmas i would go a light green. If not my first would be a nice light blue like sky, they are outside making snowman

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Rachel said...

I would definitely go with a blue...for me, even if I was using it at Christmas) blue would speak to the piece really well. I found it funny that you don't like red aida, I don't either and I have no clue why. LOL.

shutterbug (Elaine) said...

I agree with the pale/light green. That was my first thought. The blue would look good too, but I'm not sure how well it will match the dishes.

Jennifer M. said...

I agree with the other girls. A nice light green or blue would look great with the dishes. I was in my LNS store today getting fabric and the owner moved aside some Red Aida and my first thought was ewwww. LOLOL


Mrs. V. said...

My first thought was green or blue as well. But I think the light green would go better with those dishes.

Sarah said...

There is a lovely pistachio green you can get, I think it would look wonderful in this with your dishes.