Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book Reviews

Let it Be Love - Amazon Link

I am a HUGE Victoria Alexander Fan and I think I have read almost all of her books.  She writes Historical Romance novels..  I love the fact that she writes her books in series so you find out about the lives of all of her characters.  What happens after the marriage, how their kids turn out...it is just fun.  

This book is about Fiona and her sisters who are living with their cousin as poor relations.  Fiona's father passed away and left a very weird clause in his will that either she marries and inherits her money or she and her sisters remain poor for the rest of their lives.   Fiona is desperate so she proposes marriage to one of her cousins friends.  

I liked this book....it has funny story line, good characters and makes you feel like you are back in Regency times.  You go to balls, modistes  to get gowns made, travel in carriages and are seen in hyde park during the fashionable hour.

Apothecary Daughter - Amazon Link

I listened to this one on audio.  Lillian Haswell, is the daughter of the local apothecary.  At this time in England, women do not have the right to dispense medicine to the public so she can never take over her fathers shop.  She, however, has the desire to see the world outside her little village and to possibly find her mother who left them a few years ago.  Her aunt and uncle offer the chance to go to London and experience a season and presented in society in hopes of finding a good match for a husband.  However, tragedy strikes and she has to return home to help her father.....but does she find love and excitement she craves?

This is a good read.  I really enjoyed this book.  It has some mystery, romance, surprising ending...This book is in the Christian book section.

The Divorce Papers - Amazon Link

I was reading a magazine and this is the book that was recommended and I don't know why!    I opened the book to expecting to find the normal type book...nope.  This book does have a story line but it is all done in Memo's, emails, letters, handwritten notes and court documents.  I read it in one day only because I skipped most of the court documents.  Basically it is about a woman whose husband of 18 years has decided he wants a divorce.  The wife is a basket case on antidepressants at the drop of hat and has to learn to stand on her own two feet.   The lawyer, 29 year old Sophie is actually a criminal lawyer who is given this case by accident and can't get rid of it.  Sophie has to figure out how to outwit the husband who has hired the dirtiest law firm in town.

I guess it was ok but really hard to follow.   This is the authors first novel and got good reviews.  However, this was not a book for me.  I read it, I finished it and it was ok.


Meari said...

Thanks for the reviews. I really enjoy historical romances too! I'm going to see if Victoria Alexander has her books on CD. I listen to a lot of audiobooks during my commute to/from work each day.

Angela P said...

I'm not a historical romance person but the second book sounds intriguing :)

kimbacaffeinate said...

I love the historical fiction and the trope for Let it Be Love is one I enjoy. I am curious about the Apothecary Daughter and the Divorce Papers sounds interesting but not one I would buy. I think I would pick that up from the library.Great reviews!