Saturday, January 24, 2015

Embroidery Cozy Mystery Series by Amanda Lee

I love to read cozy mysteries because they usually come in series and you get to know the characters so well.  This series takes place in Oregon and Marcy Singer owns the Seven Year Stitch. This is an embroidery and knitting store.  She offers classes in Cross stitching, embroidery, knitting and all sorts of needlework.  As a crossstitcher, this is what drew me to this series. 

A Cozy Mystery is where a story takes place in a small town and the police are usually helped by a regular citizen who turns into a small time detective.   There is not a lot of blood or violence in the book.  Think Murder She Wrote or Matlock. 

Marcy is working with her dog Angus, an Irish Wolfhound, when a Cassandra Wainwright came into her shop to request that Marcy help her with her wedding dress.  She is getting married in two weeks and needs to customize her Mother-in-Laws dress with these beautiful gems.  Cassandra is a bridezilla that Marcy is dreading working with because of all of the drama she knows that is coming.  She didn't expect a death at her shop to make working with this bridezilla even worse!!!!
To make matters worse, her ex, who left her at the alter has shown up in town wanting her back!  Of course her two love interest in town is not liking the fact that David is back!  

While Marcy is trying to learn how to stitch Irish Embroidery, her love interest Todd is arrested for murder!  His fingerprints, along with her best friends husband Blake.  They were throwing a fraternity reunion party at Todd's club when someone was shot and both Todd's and Blake's fingerprints were on the gun!  Marcy is involves herself in this case to save both her friends.

This is an easy book to read and it nice to read about new types of stitching.  I am really getting tired of the Marcy-Todd-Ted love triangle...she really needs to make a decision.  I didn't figure out the killer so that is a good book in my opinion!

Marcy is asked by her friend, Reggie the local librarian, if she would help out with the local domestic abuse group.  She would like Marcy to teach them to stitch to help them feel better about themselves and gain confidence that they can do something.  One of the ladies, Mary Canter, has a father-in-law that has a tapestry over 100 years old that he swears is a treasure map.  Marci agrees to look at the tapestry but must do it without Mary's abusive husband finding out.  

Once Marcy meets Mr. Canter, she agrees to take his tapestry, check the history and keep it safe.  After this meeting there is a murder and Marcy is on the case again.

As you can tell, I like this series.   Finally, she picks either Ted or Todd to date.  I like her choice!!  I think she belongs with this guy.  Learning to stitch can help build your confidence, and I like how they were started with stamped cross stitch.  This is very easy for a new stitcher.  


Heather said...

Oooo I'll have to check these out thanks!

Lana said...

Oh boy!! Yet another series I'm gonna have to try!!! I love cozy mysteries! Such fun quick reads, light and fun!

Miamina said...

I've read the first 6 books in this series and enjoyed it. I recently purchased the 7th so will be reading that one very soon!

Julie said...

Sound like my kind of book. I do love a good amateur detective a bit like Agatha Raisin by M C Beaton.