Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stitch From Stash January

This is my first post for my Stitch From Stash 2015.  
Month: January
Spent: $19.13
Earned: $15 
Pages finished:  1  
Number of Stitches: 11,377 
 Ending Budget: $20.87

Where I started in January

January Stitching:  I finished Page 7.  I keep a stitching journal where I right down all my stitching for the day and then total for the week.   That is how I know exactly how many stitches I put each day.

Bought Stash:
Keepsakes Needlearts has an amazing cleareance sale going on right this is what I broke down and bought:

Ghouls School $4.99
Pinnochio $1.99

Party Cakes KIT $11.99
Ghostly Gatherings $0.99
Pet Ornaments kit $4.99

Update on me:
I went to the doctor this week and found out I have a condition in my feet called Neuropathy.  Which basically means my feet burn and tingle all the time.  I was given a new medicine that causes drowsiness.  Which is funny because I went to him for fatigue and he gave me a B12 shot for energy. Does anyone else see the irony of all this?  

I bought an elliptical machine from Walmart, had it shipped to my house and my DH started putting it together.  It had a total of 78 parts...and wouldn't you know it that one of the 78 parts didn't work.  I had to call them on Monday to let them know and they shipped me a new part. It finally arrived today!  

School has been going well.  I am not sure if I posted that I am teaching 2 sections of English this semester.  It is a little nerve wracking but I do enjoy a challenge.

I have been reading quite a bit as you can tell.  I decided to review all my books.  If any of you use Goodreads I am on there!  My too be read pile is getting bigger and bigger.


cucki said...

beautiful stitching xxx

CJ said...

So sorry to hear about your neuropathy. My MIL suffered with it for years. Hopefully the meds will help.


Donna Pheneger said...

Great job on your Fairy Tales. It's going to be a beauty!

Claudette497 said...

Fairy Tales is looking good. I hope your feet feel better.

Katie said...

Great progress! Love your new pieces. I have Ghoul School started. I just LOVE the pet ornaments!!

Faith... said...

Faery Tales looks great Vickie! Great stash shopping!

Meari said...

Congrats on your progress, Vickie.

Did the doctor say why you've developed neuropathy? My feet hurt all the time... doctor said it was plantar fascitis. I call it getting old! lol

Nice stashing. After I saw your and Dee's post, I went and shopped too. Enablers... the lot of you! ;-)

Katy said...

Fantastic progress and great stash! And so sorry about the neuropathy - both my parents deal with that, I know it's not fun!

Linda said...

Amazing progress Vickie. You got so much done on it. Love your new stash.


Angela P said...

Great progress :) Wonderful new stash too! I have nerve damage but in a different part of my body and have been on Neurontin (Gabapentin) for years. It's helped me so much but I do remember it making me very drowsy at first. I take B12 and Iron supplements for energy, although I am sure shots would work better. I will look to see if you are on my Goodreads list.

xs88fan said...

Beautiful stitching! Great first post too! I don't use Goodreads that often but I am on it. B12 shots are good but sometimes a daily supplement can be better for you. Sorry to hear about the Neuropathy. It is a terrible and painful disease that my mom had suffered with.
Vicky L in CT

Esmeralda said...

Wow what a lovely and huge project
How many stitches is this one ?
How long are you working on it allready ?
I write down my hours of stitching and my haed count all ready 1050+ it probably needs another 3000
I am curious if you allso keep track of your stitching hours because i think you have spent lots of them all ready
My blog is

Ruth said...

Dang you have to have the fastest needles in North America! Congrats.

Ruth said...

Hey Vickie -- and where are you on GoodReads? Us stitching readers need to stick together. :)

Julie said...

Lovely progress, a beautiful project.

I hope the medication helps with the pain, neuropathy is no fun, my aunt suffers with that.

kimbacaffeinate said...

I love the stitching Vickie. Ooo I do see thw irony. My Mom takes a lot of meds and some are to simply stop the side effects of is mess fine tuning them all. Hope you see some results