Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week one of Year of starts with finishes!!!!

HI everyone!  I hope you have had a great stitchy week.  Mine was busy!!  I can tell you this year of starts is going to be interesting. I was able to start 8 new projects!!!!  There was a reason I started so many.  I didn't realize how many new 2017 SAL's I joined in my Facebook Groups.  I only spend 30 minutes on a new start.  I have figured out a rotation might not make sense to you but I think it will work for me.

As I said I only spend 30 minutes a day on my new starts, then I put them away.  I then pull out a WIP to work on for the week.  Here is how my rotation is going to be for the month:
Week 1:  Halloween Project -this goes with the Trick or Treat SAL for Stitch Maynia
Week 2:  Christmas/Winter project - goes along with a SAL Stitch Maynia and another group
Week 3-  One of my Miras, L & L -  Just a pretty lady
Week 4 -  Designer Sals - Cloud Factory and Frosted Pumpkin
Weekend Stitching: I will work on 2 full coverage pieces for 2 to 3 hours

I am picking a project that I want to finish by the end of year.  I hope to have several finishes this year.   Which, I already have 3!!!  I finished the head, dress and her shoes.

Faery Tales Update:  I try and work on this at least 3 times a is this weeks progress.  This is also my HAED Challenge 4 piece...I just have to stitch this whole page.

New Starts:

Day 2 Start:  Brook Books Bride Ornaments - Home

Day 3 start- Xmas Stats here and I started with day 1

Day 4 start - First Christmas Wall hanging - I started with the upper left corner. The Alphabet Blocks.

Day 6 Start:  Brooke Brooks Advent Animal Calendar = Katie Kitty  Free download

I wasn't sure if I showed this one or not...Sue Hillis 12 Days of Stitchers Christmas.  I was in a daily SAL on Stitch Maynia...I didn't get all 12 days in there!

Day 8 - Mill Hill Country Church    If you look under the words country church you can barely make out a ecru blob. I started on the church

Day 7 Mill Hill Book Seller 

Day 5: Disney Dreams Snow White.  I am staring one of these on the 5th of every month since Walt Disney's birthday is December 5th.  

Middle Earth Wednesday - I am working on this HUGE chart every Wednesday since that is the middle of the week.   I ran out of DMC 920 so I need to run by Hobby Lobby to pick some up.

Weekend Stitching this week:

Victorian Christmas Eve:

This is the upper left hand corner.  I worked on this Sunday afternoon.  I probably would have gotten more done if Bert hadn't convinced me we needed to take a cat nap! 

A Wintery Heirloom - HAED.  Yes... I am still working on this one even though I cringe when it is time.  I am going to finish this design!!!

 Here is my progress...Mark and I were binge watching Dexter on Netflix so not as many stitches on it. I did put in some!  Every stitch counts!!

That was my first week!!!!!    Until Next week!!!!


Justine said...

That certainly was a busy week - I'm exhausted just reading it! Good luck keeping track of them and have fun!

Tiffstitch said...

Wow.. that is a ton of work, especially keeping track of all your new starts. Congrats on meeting your goals on so many projects and getting started.

Keebles said...

You are gonna be one busy bee!

Linda said...

WOW! You are one ambitious lady Vickie. Makes me tired just reading about it. lol I love all of the projects your working on. Have fun with your rotation. I just can't come up with one. I have tried several have failed at all of them.


Astrids dragon said...

Oh my, good for you, I can never seem to get that organized! I'm looking forward to seeing them grow throughout the year.

Heather said...

Wow! So much great progress! That's a lot of big pieces good luck with them and with the challenge! I think I'm about a quarter of the way through the challenge myself.