Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week Two of 365 starts

I know I am a week late but I caught I cold and it turned into something bad!!!!  I spent all last weekend in a medicine head fog and Thursday of this week I gave up!!!!  I came home, took NyQuil and knocked myself out for awhile.  So I am going to do a post today and then one Wednesday night.  Why Wednesday???  I take a big test on Wednesday to add an endorsement to my teaching license.  I will be studying until then!!!   Please send good thoughts my way on Wednesday, the 25th around 9:00 am CST!!!  I have bad test anxiety!!!!

I will do my starts.  I have been getting up at 6:15ish in the morning and stitching from 6:30 to 7:00 am.  I sleep in on the weekends and just set a timer when I sit down to stitch.

Here are my starts for the week of January 9th through the 15th:

Fun in the Sun by Disney Catalog bought off EBAY

Mill HIll Barber Shop:

 Since it was couldn't really see the barber shoppe stitching so here it is...

Winter At the Darcy's = Cross stitcher magazine.  I don't remember which issue..  I will find out if you would like me too.

Mill Hill Gingerbread House

RedBirds from the JCS Nov/Dec 2011 issue...I was working on the magnolia flower so you can't see it but it is there!!!

Start and finish!!!!  1st of 4 Disney Cinderella Ornament bought off Amazon.

Windows SAL = January Window - Started the border.

Worked a little on my Teddy Bear Tree!!!

This week was the Christmas SAL - So I worked on my And to All a Good night!
There you are!!  Last weeks SAL and Week of new starts!!!


Justine said...

You are crazy! You're seriously going to start 365 projects?!
The Cinderella Ornie is adorable and I love the Mill Hill ones too.

Linda said...

I love all of your starts and congrats on the cute finish. Would you be interested in selling the Fun in the Sun chart when your done? Good luck with your year of starts. I did it last year but am very glad that I decided not to do it this year.


Pull the other thread said...

Best of luck with your test, sending lots of good vibes your way. Love all your starts and well done on your Cinderella start to finish, it's so pretty!!!

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful little crosses! Hope you're feeling much better :)

Keebles said...

Best of luck on your test! We'll be rootin for ya!

Tiffstitch said...

Nice starts and progress and good luck on your test!

Tracey said...

Busy busy! Beautiful work! Now Vickie, I know you told me you do YL- are you not rolling Thieves on the bottom of your feet? ;)Boost that immune system!

Brigitte said...

Great projects, all of them. I particularly love Red Birds, it's also still in my stash but kitted up and I have decided to start it this year, too.

Heather said...

I hope the test went well! I have to take a big test soon for my licensure. So here's hoping! Great progress!