Monday, January 30, 2017

Year of starts week 3 and 4

I really meant to show off last weeks pictures on Wednesday however I was too sad.  I was so anxious during my big test that I did not pass it.  I am so upset!!!  I did learn to bring lots of quarters to the testing center.  They change $1.65 to park for one hour!!!!!  A quarter gets you like 9 minutes, a dime 5 and a nickel 1..seriously!!!  I think I missed it by 2 points. My professor told me not to stress because I may or may not have passed.  They usually toss a couple questions so who knows!!!  I will know in two weeks.

This is picture heavy so get ready:

Update on Faery Tales:  I have about 2400 stitches in this month.  You are looking at Snow white, a dwarf, Rapunzels tower and her hair. 

I worked quite a bit on Grace during her week rotation.  I almost have the entire left side finished.

Year of starts:

Mill Hill Winter woods

Mill Hill sled...hoping to have it finished by the 1st.

Mill Hill Needlework shop

Quaker Cakes January - I started it with the fabric the wrong way...I have to redo the math to make sure all 12 cakes will fit.  If not...then I have to restart it!   18 count mint green aida I dyed myself.  

Brookes Books January Cakes - These are FREE on her craftsy site!!!

Part one of a New World

Frosted Pumpkin 2017 Happily Ever After SAL = January is complete.  Owl and the pussy cat

Mill Hill Winter Wonderland

Paula Vaughn Quilt for all seasons - January.  Yes, I am starting all 12!!!!

Sorry...this is sideways - Mill Hill Palace hotel

Cloud Factory 2017 Fabulous Women SAL - Working on January.  Eleanor Roosevelt and Coco Chanel.

Mill Hill Firehouse

Mill Hill - Family Tree
Mill HIll - Caroling

WHEW!!  That is alot of patterns and starts.  Do you want to know what it sad??? This is not all my Mill Hill Christmas designs.  There are more!!1 However....I think next week you will only see one more...  I do plan on staring a Mirabilia or Lavender and Lace ladies each month!!!  I was hoping my fabric for Lady of the Flag would come in so I could start her...but I think I will have to start a different one!!!


Linda said...

Love all your starts Vickie. Nice progress on the others. Hang in there, I know your passed the test.


Pull the other thread said...

Love all your starts. Sorry to hear about the test, hopefully it will work out for you!

Bekah said...

Hope that the test works out when some questions are removed. Beautiful starts and Faery tales is really coming along nicely.

Laura said...

Great Starts!

Tiffstitch said...

Great progress on Faery Tales and all your starts. Fingers crossed you did pass the test!

Mary said...

Fairy Tales is very pretty. I love all your starts and look forward to your progress.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

So many Mill Hills @.@ but they will look amazing when they are done! =) Good work on Fairy Tales, the design is just amazing =)

I am crossing my fingers for you that your test will be ok!

We have a similar parking situation in a city near by, they list costs for 4 minutes and 8 minutes and so on, honestly, who is getting a ticket for just 4 minutes? Getting out of the car, finding the place to buy the ticket, buy it and go back almost takes 4 minutes... some places are just weird...

Brigitte said...

Great projects, all of them. And I particularly love the Paula Vaughan designs in this book.

Heather said...

Great progress and starts! Good luck if your results haven't come in yet