Sunday, February 12, 2017

week 5 and 6 of year of starts!

I will get this weekly update down soon!!!  Let's start off with amazing news!!! I PASSED MY TEST!!!! I scored a 162 and the minimum score was 155!!!  I am so thrilled!! I really didn't want to pay another $120 to take a test because I failed the first one!  I am jumping for joy!!!

Loving my year of starts!!!  I finally told my husband what I was doing and he thought I was freaking insane.  Those were his exact words!  His other sentence was "you will have 365 projects started????  Do you have 365 projects???"  If he only knew!! LOL!!!

Tiger Lily has learned to use the doggie door so she is now going outside with Bert.  I am not happy!!! I actually spend 15 minutes chasing her down in the yard!!!

Year of starts:  I only work 30 minutes on a project a day then move to something else.  My goal is actually finish Faery Tales... I have  pages left to go!

Opinions needed: Several of my Year of Starts projects have borders.  Do you consider me stitching the borders ahead of time as starting the project or is it ok to stitch the borders???

Bert had to help me sort floss for my Disney Dreams Chart

Heinzeit:  Merry Christmas

Mill Hill Penguin

Mill Hill Village:  Post office

February Window.  I spent some time on the border for January  This is one of those borders...the whole project has the fancy border around it and each month has the little border. 

Disney Dreams: Pinocchio started this one on Feb. 5th.

Petal Pushers: Teacups  Etsy Chart

Lavender and Lace: Firefly Faires

Brooke Books Brides Tree #2 Love

Petal Pushers:  Haunted Mansion - Etsy Chart

Frosted pumpkin: Happily Ever After SAL- another border!

Bothy Threads: Jane Austen

First Christmas:  see the borders!!!  I have the first 2 done

Xmas Starts Here:  I stitched the #4 was next in the pattern

This is sideways...sorry
Brooke Books Advent Animals # 2   I switched fabrics.  I switched to a 18 count that I hand dyed with Rit dye.  See the borders??? All 25 animals have a border!!!! UGH!!

That is it!!!  Another 14 projects for my year of starts!!!


Nicole said...

I love seeing all of your new starts. Since you asked for opinions on the border issue, I thought I'd give you mine. Starting on the border ahead of time is starting the project. You are putting needle and thread to the fabric. If you've started borders already, that means you get a free day somewhere along the line. That could be a very good thing.

Linda said...

Congrats on passing your test Vickie. I knew you would. Love your floss sorter helper. Really love all of your starts. I am almost missing not doing the year of starts again. My personal chose is to count the border as the start.


Brigitte said...

I love to see the Year of Starts on different blogs -there are so many patterns that I haven't seen before. Your new starts are awesome and I can't wait to see the next bunch.
Congratulations on passing your test!

Tiffstitch said...

Congrats on passing your test! What a huge relief. I think putting any stitches in counts as a start, but there's nothing wrong with starting a few in one day if you maybe need a catch-up day later on. Sometimes it's a "border stitching" kind of day. :) Good luck with Faery Tales, it's so awesome!

Faith... said...

So many little time! IMHO starting the border is starting the project, I have one friend who always stitches the border first no matter what kind of project it is. Don't know why but if it works for her that is all that matters.

Congrats on padding your test! I knew you would do it and you were worrying for nothing! My daughter is the same way with all her counseling exams / licenses.

Keebles said...

Major congrats for passing your test! That's fantastic! And yes, your husband is are crazy, but I'm still in awe of you!

Kaisievic said...

Congrats on passing your Big test, that is wonderful news. Lots of fabulous new starts - but you are brave telling your husband what you are doing - lol!

OhSewCrafty said...

Congrats on your test! Yes, borders count, you would have to stitch them eventually anyway.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Congratulations on passing your test =)

YOur new Projects look amazing, especially the penguin by Mill Hill =)
I am looking Forward to see a lot of Progress on Fairy Tales, such a nice design! =)

For me starting means putting the first stitch in, but if the Projects has a Frame and various smaller motifs that you want to count as new starts, I think doind the border before would be fine o.O