Sunday, February 26, 2017

Year of starts week 8 and a finish!!!!

Hi Everyone!! I truly hope you had a great stitchy week.  I was able to do all my starts and even have a small finish!!!!   Things here have been busy as usual.  I am halfway finished with my college class and so ready for spring break!!!   Next week, we are going to dining in the dark again!!!  A local restaurant has a nigh where they dim the lights, place a blindfold on you and you enjoy a 4 course dinner!!  It is so much fun!  They do tell you where things are located when they bring the plate.  You can also take off your blindfold if it freaks you out!!!  

Did I tell you that Tiger Lily has started going out the doggie door?  She loves being outside and it is driving me nuts!

This week I have to start homebound services for a student who just can't make it in school. So I get to meet with them for hours a week at the local public library to work on all their studies.  It is extra money but it makes my days really, really long!!!!  

On to Stitching:
Check out Faery Tales!!  I just have about 2000 stitches before I am finished with page 23!!!

Look at my little finish!  it is a Mill Hill penguin!  Isn't he just the cutest???  I didn't do such a great job cutting him out but I like him!!

New starts:
Cloud Factory Fabulous Women SAL part 2:  Virginia Wolfe and Madame Curie.

Lady of the flag by Mirabilia:
I know she is OOP but I found her for a reasonable price and snatched her right up!!!  Stitching her on 32 count Atlantis from Under the Seas Fabric

Mill Hill:  Holiday Memories

Mill Hill:  Tree Farm

Paula Vaughn Quilts for all Season: February quilt

Mill Hill: General Store

Mill Hill Village Inn

Another week down!  Lets see what happens next week!!!!


Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous stitching, I am envious of all your new starts - so many lovely ones, my dear. I loved the idea of dining in the dark - how curious!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Vickie, such a lot of gorgeous stitching - and wonderful new starts. I'm looking forward to seeing the Paula Vaughan piece growing. I still haven't started mine, but soon I will.

Linda said...

More great starts Vickie. I love all of the Mill Hill kits. Congrats on the cute finish. I'm loving Faery Tales.


Tiffstitch said...

Amazing that you have time for stitching with your extra work, and great finish and starts!

Faith... said...

I admire you for your determination in keeping up with all these new starts! I love each and everyone of them. I just love Faery Tales and it looks like you made some awesome progress. Cute penguin!!

Keebles said...

Great stitching progress yet again! You are doing amazing on this challenge!

As far as a restaurant with blindfolds...I think that might be my worst nightmare!

Think of all the stash you can buy with all the tutor money!