Monday, July 31, 2017

July Week 2: Starts 191 - 197 plus a finish

This was an exciting week!!  My final grade came in for my class and I made an A..that is right!!  I made an A on that 20 page paper!! I did a few happy dances!!  I went to the pool several days.  My hubby and I went on date night to the Crystal Bridges Museum.  The glass artist Chihuly had this wonderful glass exhibit in the museum and around the nature trails.  I took this photo off his website  this was just spectacular!

This week I worked on a couple extra pieces just for fun....I worked on

Bothy Threads - Jane Austen:  I outlined the flower, bird and added the word Jane.  Not much but every little bit counts!!

American Flag Sampler -  It is July, of course I had to pull this out and add stitches!

Are you wondering where Faery tales is???  That one gets its own post....It is so worth it!!!

My first three starts the last of my First Christmas series...Here is what the final project will look like...

Start 191:  Day 12

Start 192: Day 14

Start 193: Day 15

From here on out we are going to see my Mill Hill Obsession....Do not Judge

Start 194:  Mill Hill Cardinal Tree

Start 195:  Mill Hill Naughty ornament and this one lived up to his name....Had to start it three times!!!

Start 196: Mill Hill Ice Cream Shoppe - Yes, I dyed my own 14 count fabric because I am not big on perforated paper for the bigger designs.

Start 197  - Mill Hill Merry  Moose

I have another finish!!  I finished my Ronald McDonald Charity piece

There you have my week two!!!


Linda said...

Congrats on the adorable finish and awesome starts Vickie. I love your Christmas piece. Can you tell me the name and designer?


Faith... said...

My oh my you have been busy! Yay for your A on your final paper and class grade! I knew you would do it. What a pretty art display, it must have been amazing to see in person.

I love the American Flag Sampler (I think I have it somewhere) and the Christmas one is really nice too. Congrats on the Ronald McDonald Charity piece.