Monday, July 31, 2017

July Week - Starts 205-211

This past week was a busy one for me.  Luckily it rained off and on for a couple of days which helped with the heat.  It didn't help with the humidity.  Which isn't a problem for most but my natural curls went crazy!
Monday and Tuesday was spent in an Algebra workshop that was really hard!!   My brain hurt!   Brigen had to go to the vet  He had to get his teeth cleaned.  We have a fabulous vet!  Tiger Lily has one place on her body that she gets ticks and it is a really gross place.  When we were using the tick twister we realized she had worms!!  Luckily, our vet just sent home a prescription rather than us bringing her in for a visit and tests.   If you haven't heard of the tick twister from above...I highly recommend them!!!  Best $6 I have spent!!!

Speaking of Tiger Lily.....July 26th was her Gotcha day!!!  We celebrated adopting her one year ago!!!  The first picture is her now, and the second is a couple days after we adopted her.

This week I binged watched the final two seasons of Reign on Netflix!!  I love this series, even though I know how it ends for Mary Queen of Scots.  The dresses and jewelry were amazing!!  I really want their jewelry!!!

Faery Tales turned 10 this week and it got it's own post!  Let's see what all I have started this week.  My Mill Hill kits continue....

Start 205:  Mill Hill Ice Skates

Start 206: Mill Hill Nice

Start 207: Mill Hill Millinery Shoppe

Start 208: Pet Shoppe

Start 209: Flower shoppe

Start 210:  Mill Hill Puppy Paws 

Start 211:  Tea Time

WOW!!  I was busy this month!!!

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Linda said...

Tiger Lily is a cutie. More awesome starts Vickie. How many Mill Hill kits do you have started now and how many more to start?