Monday, July 31, 2017

July Week 1 - Starts 182-190

I is the end of July and I really stink at blogging over the summer.  So I am going to do 5 updates in a row!!  Yes...5.  I am going to break them down by the weeks of July.

The first week of July, my honey and I went to Paris, TX to visit his mom and stepdad.  Paris is about four an half hours from our house.  They live in very quiet neighborhood in the country.  I brought my stitching in the car so I could get lots done in that four hours...but who am I kidding??? About 20 minutes in the trip and I fell sound asleep.  This happened on both ways of the trip.  My husband hates traveling with me because all I do is sleep!  His mom knows how much I love to stitch, so she was happy to let me sit in the chair next to the light!  It rained for most of the day on Saturday so I actually finished a piece in one day!!!  

While in Paris, we had to go see the Eiffel  Tower Texas style....

Start 182 - Mill Hill Eagle.  Isn't this little guy cute????

Most of my groups are doing some type of Christmas in here is my little Christmas Cardinal Start  -  183

Start 184:  Mirabilia Silver Moon know how I like my fancy ladies.  

Start 185:   Happy 4th of July!!!   I had to start a patriotic piece - Paula Vaughn - July Quilt

Start 186: Love Summer so  I needed a summer start...Celtic Summer

Start 187:  Pride and Prejudice Books - I had this chart made by an Etsy designer. All of  Jane Austens book titles in a chart.


Start 188 - Primitive Hare - Pride and Prejudice - You know I love Jane Austen

Start 189 - Brooke Books - The Happy Couple - Also known as Mr. and Mrs. Darcy

Start 190:  Lizzie Kate ABC Christmas.  I bought this as a pattern on Stash Unload.

That was my first week of July!!!  

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Amazing starts Vickie.