Sunday, August 13, 2017

August Already Starts 212-218

I can't believe it is August already!!!  It has been a crazy start for this month.  I am two weeks late but it was crazy that first week...I had something everyday but Friday!  The week before teachers officially go back is when I start popping in and out of the building.  On Monday - July 31st, I popped in my classroom only to find out that they janitors (god bless them because they run the school) didn't follow my map exactly so I had to rearrange furniture...and then on Thursday, I made hubby come to school to put my carts together!  Every other week I would go into Sams club and purchase a 10 drawer rolling chat...  I purchased 5 of the multidrawer color - each cart has two drawers of each color...but since I have 5 carts...I color coded them.   Look at their beauty!!!  Each duckling gets their own drawer to keep their math crap in so they aren't laying around my room.

Here is my week along with my starts:
Monday - July 31st -   I went to a pampered chef party.
MH _ kitty Paws

Tuesday August 1st:  I had a LuLaroe party (clothing party that is comfy and great to teach in)  to attend -  

start 213 - Love me Love my Dog MH -  You can't see much since I started in the middle which is the white dog...

 Wednesday August 2nd:  I met a coworker for lunch so we could work on lesson plans.  This start caused a little drama..very little on Stitch Maynia.  I posted the picture and someone said they loved it!  Where could they find is one of those hard to find pieces.  I mentioned I saw it on Aliexpress - a chinese site that has legit and copyrighted items.  You have to be careful.  Oh lord, someone joined in and started in on all the copyright laws, how it is illegal..I finally deleted my comment so I would cause a rukus.  

Start 214:  The Ball - I just got the upper left hand corner started

Thursday - August 3rd - This was the school Faculty lunch, and I had to get my hair cut!  I can't show you this chart because well....there is no picture.  You have to imagine it...I can't find the start...I will explain that in my next post.

Start 215:  Hinzit Mini State Chart -  This is done on Red Aida, with the blocks stitched in white - Razorback colors!!! Go Hogs!!!  Here are the charms that will be placed under each letter. There is a hog!!!

Friay - August 4th -  I banned my husband from the living room, spent the day watching Jane Austen movies and  Miss Marple from Agatha Christie  I worked on Faery Tales but my start for that day:

Start 216 - Bothy Threads - Cut through teashop

Saturday - August 5 -  Started the day with Allergy shots, when to a premiere jewelry party, groceries and a long nap!

Start 217:   Cherokee Alphabet.  I am 1/4 Cherokee Indian.  My grandmother was a full blood who spoke fluent Cherokee but refused to teach us because she though people would look down on us.  When I found this alphabet I had to stitch it!!

August 6- Another day with family and running errands.  I am tired!  
Start 218:  Cat Lessons by Lizzie Kate
Here is my first week in August!  I can't believe I am still going on my year of starts!!!

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