Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Year of Starts 261-267

There is a valid reason on why I didn't post this on the require day for me....I woke up this Sunday morning feeling very grumpy and I wasn't sure why.  Well, by 6 pm, I had the cold from the very pits of Hades come up and attack me!  OMG! It was terrible!!!  So this is my story and I am sticking too it!!!

So here is what I started...More Mill Hill and Disney!

Start 261: Mill Hill Tabby Cat

Start 262: Mill Hill Wanda's Love Potion

Start 263: Mill Hill Caramel Apple

Start 264: Stacked Pooh

Start 265: Snow White and Friends

Start 266: Gobble Gilbert

Start 267:  BarberShop Quartet

There you have it!!!!   I still have more Mill Hill kits to show!  Dear Lord!!!


Keebles said...

Hope you get to feeling better! Everyone around me is sick, but it's because they all just got flu shots (thank goodness I'm allergic!).

Faith... said...

They look good, I love Stacked Pooh! Hope you are feeling better.

Leonore Winterer said...

I love those MH kits, they are so cute!

Laura said...

Great starts but I LOVE the caramel apple. I haven't seen that one before and must have it now.