Thursday, September 13, 2007


Yes, you read it here. I won best in show at the fair!!!!! You can see the pretty purple ribbon on the frame...I have a strange smile because they didnt' put my name on the tag as the winning stitcher...they put someone elses!!!! So I have to call down there today to make sure I get the credit!!!! But I did win!!!

Here's the funny thing...I was calling it the 9th hole....but my husband and his best friend readily corrected is acutally the 12th hole in Augusta!!!!! I guess you have to be a golfer!!!

I am pretty proud of myself to say the least!!!


Pam said...

Well done Vickie!!!

Pam in South Africa

Debi said...

You should be proud of yourself and your work Vickie! It is a beautiful picture. And yes, I do think you have to be a golfer to know what is what on the grass. I have never seen the sense in chasing a little white ball around a large expanse of grass when that same area could be used for a nice park for kids to play in. Oh well.



~Kim~ said...

You kicked a$$ girl! Way to go!! Thanks so much for sharing your excitement with me!! It was a honor to be called!


Terri said...

absolutely wonderful congrats

Shari said...

Woohoo!!!! What a great deal!!! Sorry for taking so long to leave a comment!!!! I hope Mark is as happy as you are!!!

Faith... said...

Congrats Vickie!! 9th hole, 12th hole - I guess it didn't matter when it came to your stitching!