Wednesday, September 5, 2007

new project

I started a new project tonight. I needed a break from my model, so I decided to start my quaker project for my friend Kim. It is looking very pretty if I do say so myself. I am using Wild Ginger a hand dyed cotton by Ozark Sampler...the pattern is titled Love...that is all I am saying right now.

Actually I didn't stitch that much today. My hands have been hurting so I am giving them a little rest.


~Kim~ said...

Hi Vickie

Sorry about tonight - our internet was moody. Missed our chat. :( Stitching for me, huh!? Cant wait to see it when it arrives!

I almost have my model done. Maybe tomorrow night, or by the weekend, fingers crossed.

Have a great Thursday!

Shari said...

I can so relate on the model Vickie! I need a break from it too, but I keep plugging away at it! It is getting closer, but I probably have a week left!