Sunday, November 4, 2007

Big Finish!

I actually finished a huge project this weekend!!! I finished my Harvest Crops piece! I was so excited to do this...I worked all Saturday and Sunday on it....I think it looks fabulous! Plus, I finished my model and got it back in the mail to the designer.

I stopped by the little thrift store on Saturday and did I make a HUGE find!!! Someone was a stitcher...I found an 11 inch set of q-snap huggers for $2.00! I as so excited...I can't wait to break them out and see what I can stitch with them!!

Off to work on Eeyoure...planning on finishing him this week....that is the plan..we will see what happens.

Stitching progress:
left to stitch: 565,710
percentage completed: 17%
Projects left to stitch: 12 projects


shutterbug said...

I love that finish! I love anything fall but that is really pretty. Good job. :o) It's such a nice feeling to finish a big project, isn't it?
Oh, I fed Tony the Tiger a couple of steaks. :o)
Hugs, Elaine

Mylene said...

It's beautiful!

Shari said...

very pretty Vickie!!! You did great!!! Two big finishes in one weekend!!Woohoo!! And great find at the thrift shop!!!!

Virpi said...

Congratulations for your finish. It looks great!

~Kim~ said...

WOOHOO!! Sorry I missed the screams last night. I seen them this morning! Congrats!!! Awesome find on the QSnap!! Lucky duck!

Here comes Eeyore!!