Sunday, November 18, 2007

Inspiration and Augusta progress

I worked on my Inspirations and Augusta #13 this week. I am about 1/2 finished with the first page of Mystic and I finished page 3 of Inspirations. Inspirations is stitching up very quickly....there is lots of backstitching in this piece. Mystic is stitching up more slowly than my other pieces. This weekend I worked on my new model for X's and Oh's which is stitching up very quickly.

My new rotation system is going nicely. I am even planning on what I am going to stitch next!!! LOL!!

New stitch count:
Stitches left to be stitched: 240,586
progress percentage completed: 23%


~Kim~ said...

WOW, your Inspirations is kicking butt!! Now if I can only stop watching the Amazing Race late at night, maybe I could get more done.. LOL

Your Augusta is coming along great too!! I want your stitching mojo!

Congrats on your progress on your model


~Kim~ said...
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Katie said...

Looking great. Both pieces are beautiful.