Sunday, November 25, 2007


I did it!! I did it!!! I finished Eeyore!!! Yes you read that right. Eeyore is finished!!!! I worked on him all weekend and set a goal to finish him. I did it!!!!!

This year I held Thanksgiving at my house like usual. I had about 15 people come and it was so much fun. On Friday, I put up my Disney tree and it looks fabulous!!!! I actually put up all my ornaments that I crossed stitched last year. This next year I plan on stitching the rest of them.

Saturday, I went shopping with mom. I stopped by my LNS and there was a trunk show going on from Follow the Leader. I bought the cutest chart called Be True. It is a patriotic design. Then I came home and decorated the Red/White tree. We plan on getting one more...this year Mark wants a real we will use all the homemade ornaments his mother has made him over the years. I know it is crazy to have 3 trees...but I actually have enough ornaments for 3 trees!!! That is the sad truth.

Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone. I have 3 weeks until Christmas break!!!

Stitching update:
Stitches left to stitch: 229,648
Percentage complete:26.5%


Stitchingnow said...

I'm doing a happy dance for you too. Congrats on the finish and he looks really good.

Karen said...

Congrats on Eeyore! Happy Dancing that you got it done, even though it was a bear to work on! Well done!!

The Dragon said...

wow that is a huge amount of stitching for a stamped piece - well done on the finish!

Shari said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! It looks wonderful Vickie & I KNOW you are thrilled to have it done!!!!!!! I know it got to you, but the new owner will be so happy with it!!! Great job on sticking to it!!!!!