Thursday, November 8, 2007

I made a Stitching Decistion Tonight

Yes I did...I made a huge stitching decision. I was talking to my friend Kim tonight about my 16 projects I have in my rotation. If I wanted to stitch on each one every month then I would only be stitching on them for 2 days at a I picked 6 projects that I definitely want to stitch and decided to work on them. Once I finish one then I will go get another one to work on. I will have about 10 UFO"s which is shocking...but if I am not happy with what I am working on then why stitch? Stitching is supposed to be fun!!!!

The projects I have chosen are:
Mystic Stitch - Augusta 13
Mystic Stitch - Cherokee Child
X's and Oh's model
Eye of the Tiger

These are the ones I will work I will add small projects along the way. I am very excited about this!!!! I do have progress to show on Eeyore. I worked on him this week. His future owner was born on Tuesday so I really need to finish him!!! LOL!!! Off to check emails


~Kim~ said...

Bravo! Thats the first step to admitting you are addicted to stitching! HE HE

You rock girl!


~Kim~ said...
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