Monday, June 30, 2008

Awesome stitching day!!

Yesterday, I had a friend cover over and we spent the afternoon watching the Tudors season 2 off Showtime. We watched the first 5 episodes before she had to go home. My DH went and played poker all day and night. I spent my day watching TV and stitching. I worked on my Tiger yesterday and today. I finished page 8 of 16 pages. I would love to finish this by September to enter it in the fair...but I am not sure I can do that...

DH and I went for brunch today today at Granite City. It was so yummy! I spent the afternoon playing in my sewing room. I took a long hard look at all my charts...and I cleaned out several that Iwill never stitch.....I did put all my disney charts/kits in one location. I put all my disney magazines in another....It seems I have alot of disney charts! I need to get to stitching them!

Stitching update:
BAP's finished: 1/5
Stitches stitched: 147,660
Stitches Left: 105,778
Percentage complete: 58.3%

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Virpi said...

Great prgress, Vickie.