Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer time!!

I love summer time. I have really been enjoying my break. When it hasn't been raining I try to lay out in the sun for about an hour a day. I listen to my ipod and read a trashy novel. If the baby pool is warm I somtimes will take a dip it in.

I have had to go to 2 workshops this week. I went to one to learn how to podcast the other was today over how to use calculators in math. The hard graphing calculators. It was interesting.

Today's mailman brought the disney magazines I bought off someone on the 123board. I was very excited about that!!

I have finished 25 of 30 sections on inspirations...yep you read that right...I only have 5 sections to go. My goal was to have it finished by the end of may...didn't happen so I pushed it back to the retreat which is 1 week from today. Basically I need to finish a page a day to reach my goal. Not sure it is oging to happen but I have lots of vines and flowers to do so maybe...just maybe.

I have reached the 1/2 way mark on my 5 big projects...hopefully when I finish Inspirations I am going to work on my Tiger...that is my fair entry piece so I have to have that finished by Sept.

Stitching progress:
Stitches completed: 139,036
Stitches left: 114,402
Percentage complete: 54.9%


~Kim~ said...

Dang girl, your my HERO! Congrats on chuggin along on Inspirations.. the end is in sight!

Shari said...

inspirations looks wonderful Vickie!!! Wish I could go to retreat to see it in person!!! Congrats & keep up the great work!!!! It looks awesome!!!

Marie said...

Wonderful work !!