Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 ILCS Stitching Retreat

I was able to host the retreat this year and we had a ball!!! Karin came in early and we went to Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs, AR to the Big Cat rescue. We arrived about 45 minutes before feeding time and we walked around and looked at the bed cats. Some of their stories were so sad. It just amazes me about how people will treat animals. After reading some of their stories I was ready to break into tears.

Thursday morning, several of us went to Gentry to the Wildlife Safari. It was so amazing...we had the most awesome experience! We were able to bottle feed 2 four-week old baby tigers. Kitty and Cat. It was so cool. We also was able to play with a baby spider monkey, lemurs, baby rabbits and a big boa constrictor. We went to a new LNS in Gravette. I did some shopping and found some really good deals on sale!! I was very proud of myself for that. That night we went to Shoguns for dinner and then to Hobby Lobby. Thursday night, I held a fiber class and a fiber challenge class.

Friday morning, we went to Hobby Lobby and then over to Rogers to spend the day. We had lunch at the Tea Room, popped over to the Dollar Saver, then the Rabbits Lair. The last LNS we visited was The Busy Needle were Sara taught us a dye class....she was fabulous. Everyone dyed some beautiful fabrics and threads. My husband grilled chicken and ribs for our dinner and we all had a wonderful time.

We all went to Tulsa on Saturday. We visited Stitchworks and The Silver Needle. We had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. Saturday night we went to Olive Garden for Dinner and then Debra hosted a wonderful Finishing Class.

Sunday morning everyone headed home. Not before Karin, Vicki L and I went to War Eagle Mill and Cavern. Karin and I went into the big dark scary cave....while Vicki L was the smart one and sat outside to stitch. Karin and I dropped Vicki off at the Bus Station and then we were off to Tulsa again so we could take Karin to the airport.

I finally was home around a 8:45 pm....the sad thing...I hosted the retreat in MY hometown and the girls who drove home from Indiana beat me home!!!

Stitching Update
Stitches stitched: 144,636
Stitches left: 108,802
Percentage completed: 57.1%

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