Friday, November 14, 2008

End of the week

It has been the craziest week at school and the quitest at home. Dh went out of town this week. He spent the Monday thru Thursday in New England visiting Walmarts and checking out the mushroom competition. I asked him to bring me home a lobster....but he said no!!! I have to say I have enjoyed not having him at home for a while. This is terrible of me but I enjoyed coming in and watching what I wanted on the big TV, sewing on my quilt without him complaining about the noise since I have to work on it in the dining room. I can't decide which was my favorite of these two: having the bed all to myself or not having to cook dinner for anyone but me!!!!!!

My kitty Jag turned 4 on veterns day. We adopted him 4 years ago on veterns day so I claim that as his birthday since he was found in an old abandoned house with his mom and siblings. He is quite the little kitty!!

On the stitching note, I have worked on my striptease quilt this week. I am sewing the top, batting and back together. It is just pitiful!!! I have found I cannot sew a straight line. However, this is my first quilt....It is for Tusk and I don't care if it is sewn badly. I am still learning!!! I also have worked on Historical FAshions. I have 8 UFO"s and now this project but I am really enjoying it so this is the one I am focusing on right now. I have completed about 10% of this so far and I have to say it looks great!!!!!


~Kim~ said...

Oh, and you forgot that I wasnt home.. and you didnt have to chat with me.. he he

So glad you enjoyed your peace and quiet!


Cindy F. said...

That was a good week :) I miss my dh when he travels too, but love the not cooking and total control of t.v. part!!
Great progress on your Historical Fashion piece. It's incredible!