Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good VS Evil-Which are you?

My friend Kim is on the Jedi side!! Today around 1:15 I popped on the computer completely frustrated with how the quilt lady at the little shop I go to told me to cut this quilt. I couldn't figure out how I was going to make it work...About that time, my friend Kim IM'd me and asked me how I was doing. I explained my problem and she started to help me. Around 3:50 we FINALLY had a plan. We both agree the lady at the quilt shop didn't actually understand what I was really wanting and was a little nuts. We worked it out together and the picture is just the start of it. It was just amazing that she is in Wisconsin and helping me out in AR! I was so thankful for her help. I had called her earlier about my other quilt and she was very helpful. She unfortuantely heard me say a very naughty word because I had just layed my quilt back on my hard wood floors. My cat, Jag, then proceeded to jump right in the middle of it and move everything. Then he started eating the tape!! I let a very bad word slip while talking to her! Jag got the hint...he didn't show back up around me until I finished pinning the quilt.

I also dyed some fabric this morning for my friend Debi. We are making a trade for some disney charts for hand-dyed fabics. She made a couple of requests for what colors she wanted so I tried to do the colors she wanted...I hope she likes them! I hadn't ironed them when I toold the picture. We have light blue, rose and teal
I will post my update on my historical fashions tomorrow. I didn't work on it today and I didn't take a picture of it yet so that will be tomorrow!!!


Debra said...

Nice start on your quilt and your fabric is pretty.
Debra in Indiana

~Kim~ said...

It was a blast helping you with the quilt. I cant wait to see it finished! Anytime you need the help, Im just a message or phone call away.