Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tiger update

I had a GREAT day!! My mom and I went up to Joplin, MO so we could go to Jo Ann's craft store and visit some used book stores. We had lots of fun and I spent way to much money at Jo Ann's!! I found some great teddy bear fabric and really cute frogs for my nephew. I found sone great trashy novels at the used book stores. We stopped at Red Lobster for lunch...yum...chedder bisquits!!! After we got home, mom brought in 3 quilt tops that my Great-Grandma Ada made and hadn't quilted before she passed away. I just stood there in awe looking at them. I am going to wait to finish them until I get a bit more practice under my belt. One of them is of old fabric calendars. My sister was a little upset because granny didn't include the year of her birth but my brother and mine was there!!!!

I also worked on tiger this week. It was it's turn on my rotation. I have finished 62% of tiger. I was hoping to finish the current page but no luck! In my opinion tiger is turing out great! I do enjoy working on it.


~Kim~ said...

Wow, Im just amazed at your Tiger, it looks so real!

I look forward to all your quilt projects, and look forward to seeing them (and your stash) grow!


Shari said...

how cool about the quilts from your grandma! What a treasure!!
And tiger is looking good!