Sunday, November 2, 2008

Very Long week

I think this has been one of the longest weeks that I can remember. It was rough at work and with my grandmother in the hospital, I didn't think this week would never end. We went to the hospital today and saw my grandmother. She looked so weak and so frail. It just broke my heart. The are finally going to do the surgery tomorrow. They have been postponing it because someone had made a mistake and entered her blood count wrong on the computer. Mom and I went out to my grandparents house to pick it up. Luckily we did because when we looked under the sink, we noticed a leak. So I had to call my dad down to fix it. What a mess....but it was taken care of and all is well.
I spent this week working on Historical fashions and Cherokee child. I only work on Historical fashions for an hour a day. I have worked a total of 21.5 hours and have stitched 4.8% on this project.

Cherokee child is my mystic stitch that i have been working on for a while now. I am on page 4 and lack about 500 stitches to having that page finished. I have 48.8% completed on this project. I have 8 BAP's in my rotation. I have figured that I have finished 31.3% of all those projects completed. I would love to say that I will finish one of my BAP before the new year...but I can say that is not going to happen. My goal is to be up to 50% complete....I might can do that in last 8.5 weeks in this year.


Debra said...

Wonderful progress.
Debra in Indiana

Chiloe said...

I'm really impressed at how you count the stitches !!! ;-)

I don't know if I could stitch a project one hour a day and then stitch something else: see, I don't trust myself enough and are afraid, it could end up as an UFO ...

Hope your grand ma will be fine for the surgery.

Nancy said...

Your progress looks nice on both projects. Hope things went well with the surgery