Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cute Baby Blankets and Burb Cloths

I found the cutest pattern this suumer to make baby blankets, burb cloths and bibs. Marks best friend from high school had called earlier this year to ask him if he would be the baby's godfather and of course he accepted. I decided to purchase the pattern and stitch up the baby blanket and burb cloth. They let us know they were expecting a little girl so at least I knew what kind of flannel to purchase. I just love them!!! I think they turned out really cute. They didn't take long to make however, it took me longer to hand stitch them closed. I am not confident in my handstitching but it had to be done. We got the phone call on Saturday to let us know that Courtney Noelle was born. Unfortuantley Mark answered the phone so all I know is her name. He didn't find out weight, length...any of the good stuff!! I will be getting them in the mail on Saturday. I have to wash and iron them before I send them to their new home!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi vickie! The blankies and burb cloths are so cute and thoughtful!
Also noticed your reading challenge...might sign up for that.
love visiting your blog.

Anonymous said...

The presents are wonderful. Momma will love it. See just like a man - to NOT get the important details. haha
Congrats on the finishes.

Debra said...

Ahh to cute.