Monday, September 28, 2009

Guilty or Innocent?? What do you think?

This has to be one of the biggest mysteries in history. Could a woman kill her parents with an axe? A jury of her peers found her innocent. They didn't believe a gently bred woman could kill her parents. I think she did it....what about YOU?

This is my demented cross stitch I was working on that I mentioned in a previous post. It is very sick I know...but it just needed to be stitched with Halloween coming up and all!!!! The designer is case you feel the need to be demented too!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

10 book Challenge Update

You would think that I made this wonderful list of 10 books I want to read, that I would read one.. NO...not me. I finished 2 books this weekend that weren't even on my list!!!! I have found that my Library has Books 2 go....which means you can download them to your computer and then upload to your I-pod. I find that I LOVE listening to the stories while Mark watches football. It is great!!!

This weekend I read:

Fearless Fourteen is the fourteenth novel in the Stephanie Plum Series. I LOVE this series!!!!! Their family is just crazy, especially the grandma!! I love how she is always ready to try new things and carries a gun in her purse!! Ranger just sounds hot!!! He makes me melt when I listen to his voice on the CD....Joe is nothing to sneeze at either...he is YUMMY!!! I was a little disappointed because Stephanie's car didn't blow up this time....just got tagged! If you are wanting a laugh...I suggest you start with book one and get ready to bust a gut laughing so hard!!

This book just made me feel good for woman all over the world. Quinn was one of those women who just wanted to keep the peace. She never caused trouble that is until she rescued a small puppy she named Katie. Her boyfriend is a jerk...a real jerk!!! I really wanted to slap him...that is all I can say. If I could have reached through my Ipod and slapped him I would. But she did have a hero...a very HOT hero (is there anyother kind???) by the name of Nick who sounded very yummy!! I HIGHLY recommend this as a very fun book to read!!

Betty in AZ told me that: I am reading Red Hot Lies by Laura Caldwell. I am going to read that in place of Blackwork by Monica Ferris as I can't get that one yet from my library. So far it is really good.

Karin: I finished Night Game last week (in case you didn't see my message). I've finished Conspiracy Game twice since then....I guess I'll have to read something else since Deadly Game isn't here yet. *pout*

Kathryn is reading up a storm..her update: Books one and two finished:
The Enchantment Emporium by Tanya Huff.
The Defector by Daniel Silva.
80% finished with book three.

Seems everyone is doing good but me!!!! I haven't finished ONE of my list. I had better get busy!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spring Window Finish

I finished my Spring Window from Ozark Samplers the other day. I had to change the bottom square. I didn't like the colors it was supposed to be and then when I was stitching the bunny...he didn't look like a bunny to tell you the truth. He actually looked like a blob of poop. Yes..I typed poop!!! But I took him to my LNS, talked with my stitching pals and we decided I needed to outline him with 3371 DMC and it turned into a bunny!! I am so excited!!!

I started reading one of my books tonight for my book challenge. I am currently reading Mr. Darcy's Diaries by Amanda Grange. I have to say this is quite interesting since it is all from Mr. Darcy's view of meeting and falling in love with Elizabeth Bennet. It is really good!!

I started a new cross stitch piece...I can't tell you what it is because it is a VERY demented piece!!! I am not is pretty weird. I am loving it!! I did contact the designer because the chart is somewhat hard to read so they are going to send me a new chart!!! Can you believe that??? I am so happy!!!! This piece isn't taking long to stitch up either. So hopefully I can show you the new piece by next is really demented!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

10 Book Challenge

I am so excited!!! The book challenge starts tomorow and we have several people signed up!!! So far I have the following people:

Vicky L
Debra H
Angela P
Evalina Maria
Anna Van Schurman
Betty in AZ
Lady Doc

Please visit each other's blogs and post encouragments!!! I can't wait to hear how everyone's doing!!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cinderella has a face!!

My stitching goal was to give Cinderella a face. The stitching was easy..I think the beading took twice as long to do. I ike to bead as I go which I know is not recommended, but I will forget where to put the beads if I don't do it this way. I have borrowed some HUGE q-snaps from my friend Debbi and my friend Kim made me some q-snap huggers to help me hold the fabric. She looks just beautiful!!!

Several people have signed up for the reading challenge!!! I am so excited!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cute Baby Blankets and Burb Cloths

I found the cutest pattern this suumer to make baby blankets, burb cloths and bibs. Marks best friend from high school had called earlier this year to ask him if he would be the baby's godfather and of course he accepted. I decided to purchase the pattern and stitch up the baby blanket and burb cloth. They let us know they were expecting a little girl so at least I knew what kind of flannel to purchase. I just love them!!! I think they turned out really cute. They didn't take long to make however, it took me longer to hand stitch them closed. I am not confident in my handstitching but it had to be done. We got the phone call on Saturday to let us know that Courtney Noelle was born. Unfortuantley Mark answered the phone so all I know is her name. He didn't find out weight, length...any of the good stuff!! I will be getting them in the mail on Saturday. I have to wash and iron them before I send them to their new home!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

10 Book Challenge

10 Book Reading Challenge, Join us!

One of my favorite past times is reading and I thought it would be fun to do a book challenge. Sometimes we forget how much fun it is to sit down with a good book and read. I have found that I have fallen in love with downloading a book to my computer and listening to it while I stitch. I get to do two of my favorite things. There be a random drawing for a $10.00 Barnes and Noble GC for this challenge. The prize will be on the honor system. On to the 10 Book challenge:

Sign up by Sept. 15 by leaving a comment here and then posting the challenge to your blog and/or website. Then make a list of 10 books you want to read by the end of this year. You don't have to stick to your list since sometimes something more interesting comes along that strikes your fancy. You must read 10 books though....that is the challenge.

Please post a comment on my blog to let me know how you are doing! Please make sure you link to my blog your list. I can't wait to see what everyone chooses to read!!!!

My list:
1) NorthAnger Abbey by Jane Austen
2) Mr. Darcy's Diaries by Amanda Grange
3) Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
4) Peppermint twisted by Sammi Carter
5) Just take my Heart by Mary Higgins Clark
6) Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer
7) What would Jane Austen do? by Laurie Brown
8) Unsolicited by Julie Kaewert
9) Duchess by Night by Eloisa James
10) Murder at Astor Place by Victoira Thompson

Not sure about my other 5....I will have those down by the start of the challenge. My DH is sound asleep right now so I can't get to my bookshelf!

Updated on 9-14-09

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everything Austen Challenge

I have another finish on my Everything Austen Challenge!!!! At this rate I will be finished before the Dec. 31, 2009!!

1) Read Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict - on my night stand

2) Stitch "The Daughters of Longbourn" by the Stitching Parlor - finished page 1 of 4

3) Re-Read Pride and Prejudice Completed!!!!

4) Watch the movie Lost in Austen - COMPLETED!!!!!

5) Read: Mr. Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange - ready to start reading

6) Read: Northanger Abbey - on my bookshelf