Monday, August 9, 2010

trying to get home

Mark and I left for our little vacation on Thursday. We've had so much fun!! We saw the Jamestown Settlement, Colional Williamsburg and played some very intense games of spades. We've enjoyed spending time with our friends. I feel that visiting someone elses home is wonderful, however you should not overstay your welcome. We left for the airport Sunday morning because we had a 1;45 pm flight home. We got to the airport around 11:00 so we could go home. We went through the self serve kiosk to check in (what a pain!!!) paid our $25.00 luggage fee and then went through security. In my carry on I packed: my Nook, My GPS (Betty as we call her), both our I-pod, our cribbage board to play on the plane and fashions. My bag had to be run through the xray machine 4 times because the cribbage board looked suspicious! After all that, we had lunch and finally walked to our gate. We checked the board when we first walked in and we were on time to leave! After walking to the gate, we were postponed until 3:30...was able to try and get on a 2:45 standby so we wouldn't miss our connection in Charolette. We didn't make it ...while waiting our flight was cancelled!!! Called US airlines, the best they could do was 8:00 pm MONDAY NIGHT with us getting home at Midnight!!! UGH!! I start back to school on Tuesday!!!! So, we called our friends, they drove us to the airport and back to their house. where we are now, until 5:30 PM and we try to go home again!!!!

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