Saturday, September 25, 2010

1 down 51 to go!

I posted a little while ago that I had two friends expecting and they both wanted me to make them that means 2 alphabet afghans which is 52 letters I have to stitch. Crazy huh???? I was going through my magazines and I found a couple that I was interested in but nothing just said STITCH ME!!!!!! I went to BN last week because the new Cross Stitch Collection magazine from Britain was in and it had the first part of a new Sandy Littlejohn pattern. I love her designs. I was flipping through it and found the CUTEST alphabet which would go for either a boy or girl. It is an animal alphabet and I just had to stitch it. This is the first letter that I have finished now I have just 51 more to go!!


By Hoki Quilts said...

Gosh you are such a good friend making such heirlooms for each of the babes. Good luck making them.

Shari said...

very adorable Vickie!!!!! Which magazine was it in??? Might need to grab it for future needs!!!

Vicky L said...

It is so adorable! What a great friend you are!