Monday, September 6, 2010

Historical Fashions and Christmas RR

I set a goal for myself this weekend. My goal was to pick and finish an ornament for the Christmas round robin and to finish the upper body of my Historical fashions Lady #10. This lady was very detailed and called for 10 different colors for backstitching!!! Can you believe that??? 10 different colors!!! UGH!!! She is turning out very pretty I think.School is interesting this year. I was very concerned about being in the behavior room again because I had very bad memories for the last time I taught in the behavior room. In case you are wondering a behavior room has students with learning problems and along with that some severe behavior issues. They can be very argumentative, disruptive and just down right rude. This job is very tiring and emotionally draining. I wish I could tell you more but I just can't because that would be breaking the law. I am still uncertain about this year...I have 6 preps which is 6 different courses to teach and prep for which does take a while to do. So this morning I spent the time working on Physical Science and Environmental Science. It is just a little stressful!


Debra said...

Nice finish and your wip is looking good. Sounds like your school year is going to be a long one. Good luck.

Blu said...

All that crazy backstitching is worth it! The lady looks amazing!

Good luck with work.