Monday, September 13, 2010

Murphy's law for quilting!!!

My aunt called me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would put a backing on a quilt. I said sure! I popped over to my moms Friday Afternoon and I assumed that she wanted me to put together a baby quilt that was premade or something like that...but no!! She brought me 2 yards of Razoback Fabric and 2 yards of Black fabric. YIKES!!

So off to Joanns I went. I bought the White fabric with black circles, red binding ribbon and in my stash I had some black Batik fabric. WHOO-HOOO!!!!

I had basically 2 days to put this together. However, I also had my friends Erins' 30th birthday party Friday night and then a trip to Branson Saturday for a day of shopping and wine tasting. I was very vital to this trip because I don't drink (that much) and I can drive a standard. So I was up until 2:30 putting together the top. Which I thought was a great since I didn't get started until 11:00! So off to bed I went!

After a long day of shopping, I finally made it home around 10:00pm. I started putting together the back of the quilt. I finally was ready to pin it together when I realized that the batting was about 2 inches short on BOTH sides!!!! OMG!! it is 11:00 on a Saturday night, no way to buy more batting and my aunt was leaving at 7:30 in the morning! I now have to priority mail it to her on Wednesday so it will be there by Friday for the raffle on Saturday!!!

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Blu said...

No good deed goes unpunished! lol!
It looks great. Gorgeous colours.