Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fashions Update

Here we go...I have started couple #11 and I am so close to finishing I could almost taste it! However, with the baby blankets, wedding sampler and the yoga piece (yes it is a UFO) that I need to finish I have calculated how many stitches are left until I finish the pattern and divided it by how many days left in the year. Math teacher I am came up with the number 271. That is how many stitches a day I need to stitch in order to complete this design by Dec. 31. Now, if I finish it early that will be just bonus. My sister sent me a message asking about her yoga piece...so I need to dig that out and work on it. I need to stitch 203 stitches a day, every day, starting Oct 1 and ending May 31 in order to finish a few days after her birthday on May 28th. Looks like I am going to be busy.
Just an FYI...once I finish fashions, I will be selecting one lucky follower of my blog to send this pattern to. I will come up with some sort of contest I think...but you must be a follower in order to win the pattern and this will need to be the pattern you start on in 2011. Another condition is that you can't sell the pattern....you have to PIF to a new stitcher when finished. I would love contest ideas because I really can't think of one now!


Blu said...

Great start on the gentleman. Go! Go! Go! The end is in sight!

Debra said...

Looking good and so close to a finish. There is no way I would stitch that much every day. Good luck.
The "A" is so cute.

Vicky L said...

Oh I am going have to try to win the pattern. I have been admiring the Fashions couples since day one. I really, really want this pattern. I will start it in 2011 and bring to the retreat to show the progress in person. Please pick me!!!

The new man is looking good. You are going to be so busy stitching.