Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Animal Afghan and Workout update

Here is my Animal Afghan. I finished 2 letters since Sunday evening! They are just so cute!!!

I put up my walking ticker at the beginning of the year before all the snow started. I was doing great stopping and walking at the park after work but then the snow came....I don't like walking in snow, mud or on the treadmill. I don't feel like I am going anywhere when I am on the treadmill. I just HATE it. So my husband asked me if I was interested in the PX90 at home workout system. I did some research and found that that would not be right for me since I am EXTREMELY out of shape. So, we ordered the Power 90 workout system for the people who are so out of shape and/or HATE to exercise. I waited patiently for it to come in and it finally arrived on Saturday. I opened it and read everything. It gives a 5 tiered list of foods from those that are GREAT for you and those that are bad for you. I started the diet officially today (I had to enjoy my Valentine Chocolate...lets get real) and isn't that bad. I just have to eat under 1300 calories every day.

It was suggested that I order their protein shakes, etc but I decided to go to GNC and purchase a protein shake there. As you can see, I purchased this HUGE tub of protein powered shake that will take the place of one meal a deal. I opened said tub and started laughing. I placed a spoon down to the powder since the powdered only filled up 1/2 the container. You mix 1 scoop with either milk, juice or water. I tried it with 5 oz. water and this is the final product. I measured it to my takeout knife. The shake was pretty good and I was full after I drank it. This diet also says that inorder to help the weight loss process, you are not supposed to eat 3 hours before dinner. You go to bed hungry and instead of digesting foods your body attacks your fat cells! so I stopped eating at 8:00 and then I realized that I am a snacker! I love to snack. So I curbed my snacking with a cup of herbal tea (no sugar). The only reason I didn't put sugar in my tea was that I knew I couldn't quit drinking cokes cold turkey so I did have a medium Sonic Coke with extra ice. This was 47 carbs!!! I was in shock when I read that on the Sonic nutrition's guide!!
I did the first workout and found out I am more out of shape than I thought. It was sad!


Berly said...

N & O look great! Good luck with the workout!

Debra said...

cute stitching, good luck with your new diet.

Carol's Stitching said...

Great stitching as always Vickie. Good luck with your diet and exercise plans!