Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mill HIll Finish, Gibbs and Chocolate

In an earlier post, I mentioned we had snow days. Right now, I have missed 10 days of school due to snow and the last day of school is June 14th. Which means, I will have to miss my cross stitch retreat unless they figure out a way to let us make up the days. I did use my time off productively. I made Sinful Chocolate Balls. They are so easy to make and they are so rich! YUM!! In case you want to make them...You need 1 box cake mix, 1 can of icing and a pkg. of almond bark. Bake the cake and let it cool completely. Once cooled, crumble into a bowl and mix in the can of icing..Chill for 2 or 3 hours. Once chilled, take out and form into small chocolate balls. I use a melon scoop to form mine....and then chill the chocolate balls for another 2 or 3 hours. Dip into Almond bark...chill again. Then serve! Easy to make but they take a while to mix up.

I finished the Apothocary building from the Mill Hill Christmas Village Collection. I promise that this picture does not do it justice!!!! I turned out really gorgeous!!!!

Yes, you are looking at Jabba Jag laying on the dog bed taking a nap while the 100 lb dog just lays there and stares at him. Gibbs loves to sleep on his bed but Jabba Jag decided he wanted to lay in the sun so he took over the bed. The dog is too scared to move the cat. I haven't posted in a bit on what Gibbs has eaten. Besides the typical tennis balls, cat food (when he gets in the cat room), cardboard pieces....well, What he ate Friday Night takes the cake!!
I was making dinner for Mark and I, I had placed and started slicing this beautiful pork loin. I turned my back..and yep Gibbs jumped, grabbed it and took off! I was screaming for Mark to help me catch him as we chased him through the house. When we finally caught him, he had almost eaten the pork loin whole...Mark pried his jaws open and I reached my hand down there and pulled it out. Of course it went right into the trash and we had to call for a pizza for dinner! Anyone know any tips to keeping the dog off the counter??? I would appreciate anything you have!!!!


Betty said...

I can only suggest a gate to close him out of the kitchen while dinner is being prepared. Of course, that depends on how the house is layed out. I can just picture you chasing down the dog with the dinner! BAD Gibbs!

Kim said...

WOW, you have used your time wisely! Having cabin fever yet?

Your MH turned out cute! Pass the chocolate!

As for Gibbs - is it possible to put the dog in another room, while making dinner.

Blu said...

Cute finish! The wreath button is adorable.

The chocolate looks yummy!

Debra said...

Never boring with Gibbs around. LOL!
The chocolate sounds yummy!
Your stitching is beautiful.
Ok the miles haven't changed, are you walking???

Vicky L said...

I just love hearing about Gibbs! Its funny he is scared of the cat, who weights a lot less. The chocolate looks so yummy! I just love Mill Hill. I am bummed you may not make it to the retreat. I hope they find some other way to make up the days.

Berly said...

Ooo, chocolate! Looks yummy! I love the Mill Hill piece. Gibbs is too funny.

Susan said...

When I read the title of your post, I thought you were going to tell us that Gibbs had eaten chocolate--not good for dogs! I'm another one who would suggest a gate for the kitchen.

It's frustrating to have to make up so many snow days, but it looks like you are using your time wisely.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Love the Mill Hill finish - what a great series that is!

PennyB said...

Sounds like quite a comedy act at your house! You should make a video and enter it on one of those shows to win a lot of money. I bet then you wouldn't mind what Gibbs was eating.

Love the Mill House design and choc. sounds delicious. Wish I weren't on a diet!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I hope you find a way to make up those snow days! A cat with an attitude is not to be messed with. Maybe you should plant Jag in the kitchen to guard dinner from Gibbs. The chocolate balls look yummy.

Meari said...

ROFL @ Gibbs! I would've been so mad, LOL. But since it happened to you, it's funny... hahaha. (I know, I'm not nice. Am I?)

Your Mill Hill looks gorgeous!