Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days and Teddy Afghan

Snow and more snow!!! That is all I am experiencing right now. This is the view from my upper deck. On Tuesday afternoon I got up and measure the snow and it was just 6 inches.

So I decided to finally take down my final Christmas tree. I just loved having my Disney tree up. It made me smile so I decided to leave it up longer than usual. I spent the afternoon reading and stitching on my Teddy Bear Afghan. I did some shopping on Ebay! I won 3 auctions and didn't spend a dime of my own money!!!! Wondering how I did that??? I had $11.34 in Ebay bucks so I bought a Yard of fabric, 1 skein of DMC 939 and 1 sheet of stickers. I spent $11.33 and didn't spend a dime out of my own pocket!!
My monthly accomplishment for January was I did not buy any new stash! My goal is not to buy stash this year but to make a wish list and stitch what I have in stock. My expections are my monthly class with Mary from Ozark Samplers, Magazines since you can only get them at that one time and fibers/fabrics for projects in my stash that I want to stitch.
Wednesday I decided to go out and measure the snow again. As you can see, we have 9 inches of snow now and check out our grill! It has a really cute hat!! So I am off to stitch again. I spent the day stitching and reading again.

I finished my Teddy Afghan!!!....well...I finished all the letters. I still need to stitch the name and a Date of Birth but that will happen when the baby is born.
I decided NOT to stitch my Disney Ornament Afghan just yet. I have deleted it from my goals. I can't decide if I want to stitch it on an afghan or individual blocks and make a wall until I can decide I am taking it off my list of things to be stitched!!!!


Debra said...

congrats on your finish it looks great.

Meari said...

Congrats on your afghan finish. It's adorable. We got about 14" of snow over the past 2 days, which wouldn't be bad but add 40-60mph winds and you end up with 4-6ft drifts!

sharine said...

The teddy bear afghan is to cute.What a wonderful gift.

Mare said...

The afghan is very cute! I am sure it will be loved. But I have strong doubts about you not buying any new stash this year, you enjoy it too much to hold out an entire year.

Carol's Stitching said...

Beautiful! I'm sure Momma and Baby will love it.