Monday, February 14, 2011

Faery Tales update

Please excuse the typing tonight, it seems that my 100 lb labrador retriever, Brigen, wants to take a nap on my lap. He is curled up like a giant baby. I worked on Faery Tales a little yesterday. I just wasn't in the mood to stitch much. I put in 300 stitches but hey, that is 3o0 stitches I didn't have in before. Since I am having to reach over my dog to type, I am calling this entry finished.


Berly said...

Oh, come on, if I can process medical claims with a baby on my lap, you can type with Brigen there! :) Faery Tales is looking good!

Kim said...

FT is looking good!

Know what you mean about dog on the chest, and cant type. :)

Meari said...

300 stitches is a lot in my book!